A few things

To start with, my blog turned 3 on 14th. Am sorry have been busy with exams. And to compensate for that I am going to give my blog a little gift. This little gift is what my blog has not had for a long time and I believe it to be necessary. You all might … Continue reading A few things


This new challenge

Before anything else, my next challenge, by Leo, on my 'Challenge Accepted' page, is technically incorrect. His challenge reads, and I quote, “If you and I had never met, would you have missed me in your life?” It is technically impossible to miss someone you do not know, but I'll be large-hearted (:p) and interpret … Continue reading This new challenge

Famous number 13 (13th Round)

Here it is again, introducing three more bloggers and blogs to you all. This time the participants are : Sujatha, Anne, and Aame. Sujatha :  1. Full Name : *optional - Sujatha Sathya 2. Blog Name : *optional - Conversations 3. Your one post that is your best till date (as per you) : *optional … Continue reading Famous number 13 (13th Round)

In double digits now – 10

The 10th round. Though I have felt it all along, I'll take this opportunity to say that I had never expected such a great response, so thank you so much everyone. Here is introducing Nasir, Jovita and Ramesh.   Nasir : 1. Full Name : Mohammed Jamil Nasir 2. Blog Name : Sentimental Calligraphy 3. Your one … Continue reading In double digits now – 10