The ones to read

Sharing the blog link recently with a friend made me realise how someone coming to the blog will have to move through a lot of posts to find the serious or good ones.

Having many links and posts for each entry in this blog I do not wish to take down any of the blog posts. This got me thinking of this idea of an arrival page where there are links to the non temporary decent posts (only the ones I myself have written) So here it is. Below is a chronological (newest first) list of the worth heading over to posts. Hit them up. Oh and be a gem and follow too if you’re new here. I’ll try my best to write more often for sure.

Changing Understandings

Selling Fear


She revisits his journey

“Completing” the other

MY truth, therefore THE truth?

My spot in Pune

Each their own

Disrespecting love

A fauji brat’s reply to Mr Chetan Bhagat

Gender Equality

One Sided

Can’t get this off my mind

I wonder



Holy Matrimony

Un-named Son


Perfect Life

Trust me

Words have no meaning

Terrorist? Freedom Fighter?


That last night

मेरा हक (My right)

Naked Walk

Bow wow – This is me


Chain Thoughts

Monitoring Mania

The importance of losing

Dark Beauty

The Dream

FULKA – 2011

Green Eye


My Story




What comes when the worst is over


Murder or Suicide

The Darker Us

Do I Know You?

Simplicity – Who is it?


A little standpoint on God


Love… Is??

Passion turns Obsessive

तुझ में रब दिखता है

Why not appreciate?

Split Personality in Modern Times


Why can’t we girls?

Please be kind in the knowledge that I started this blog in December 2009 so many of these posts are very old. I may not agree with all that I wrote back then. On that note I may even someday rewrite some of these as a new post. Till then this is what I have so hope you enjoy.