Graduating Pandemic

Words to thoughts yet to be grasped as they flee around in the mind in such a time. Thank you for capturing these emotions Stuti.

Fancy Narrations

When a major yet sudden disruption comes your way, your brain decides to either glaze over it or outright reject it. I remember feeling this way when demonetization was announced, I remember feeling this way when human rights were systematically violated, I remember feeling this way when fear of death could be tasted in the air (during the outbreak of a virus or the outbreak of despotism) and I remember feeling just as numb if not more when I learned in a span of 4 days that my college farewell was replaced by a pandemic.

The fact that the uncertainty of my life (as is the case for almost every graduating student I know) has taken priority over everything else I mentioned is a loaded statement in honour of my privilege.

When I took the decision to come back to pursue further education, I came with specific goals (I remember…

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She revisits his journey

She stared at the box for a long time, lost in thought and memories. Her attention only returned to the real word minutes (or was it hours) later when the phone rang and she noticed it was her boyfriend. She closed the box with a decade of memories and returned it to its spot in … Continue reading She revisits his journey