Changing Understandings

As a teenager and a young adult, I used to frown at the idea that we change a lot over time. To my naive mind we did not change as people. I could see no major changes from one day to another so no major changes could have happened at all, right? I know better … Continue reading Changing Understandings

Selling Fear

Fear is an extremely potent tool. We know enough about how politics power equations use it. I'm sure a million examples have popped up into your head already. Today, let's talk not of those examples but of how wherever you are being sold a peroduct or service, how, more often than not, they sell it … Continue reading Selling Fear

“Completing” the other?

Romantic movies wish for us to believe that there is one person out there who is our other half; someone who will complete us intellectually, emotionally, and physiologically. They want us to wait for this soulmate and this person shall be our salvation. We can and should find someone for ourselves who is an intellectual … Continue reading “Completing” the other?

Understanding myself

I recently talked (here) of the new journey that I have embarked on. I also believe how I've made two great friends and am settling in. As time passes, I slowly gravitate to carving a new comfort zone for myself in this initially alien place. I have had a little time in the past few … Continue reading Understanding myself

A new journey thus begins

Life, was comfortable at Noida with a job. There however, comes a time, when being in the comfort zone just isn't enough. A time, when one needs to let go of what's known and safe and start walking a road where the destination is uncertain. One such journey I have begun in June. A journey … Continue reading A new journey thus begins