My spot in Pune

Yesterday I visited this quaint place in Pune. A mere 15 minutes away from the campus, it is a place I can truly imagine myself spending many a days at.

Named Pagdandi, this place is perfect to settle down with a cup of tea, some light snack or just an ice tea and read to your heart’s desire.

A couple of tables inside, a few outside, mats in a corner and a mattress in another, it is this ideal place to just sit and read, work, write, sketch or do as we desire given the ambience of the place.

Their book collection may not be the largest I know but it did manage to get me one of the books I have long been looking for and take me down memory lane with Archie’s stacked up in one part.

To be able to become a member and take a book I like home for up to a month is as good as it gets for me.

I’m surely visiting this place often.

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