A new journey thus begins

Life, was comfortable at Noida with a job.

There however, comes a time, when being in the comfort zone just isn’t enough. A time, when one needs to let go of what’s known and safe and start walking a road where the destination is uncertain.

One such journey I have begun in June. A journey where I am back to using notebooks and pens for studies instead of computer screens for work.

As a person who bonds quickly and deeply, I also withdraw just as fast if it seems necessary. In the short spam of two months here, I’ve surprisingly already seen this in action with myself.

In every walk of life, I have been lucky enough to find people who I have come to know as friends. College here is no different. What oft makes me smile, though, is how different I am to them and they are to one another. I’m sure that has always been the case with groups of friends but post graduation has made me see it clearly. I was too naïve in graduation to notice.

Two people, have come to define friendship for me here – Stuti and Atharva.

As I write this I realize I could write a post on each of them and maybe some day I will.

For now, I just wish to thank them for being who they are.

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