MY truth, therefore THE truth?

What is perception? Who is the owner of the right perspective? It is said that to all arguments/ conflicts there are 3 sides - mine, yours, and the truth. Most of us have heard this, understood this, and as a third person observer maybe even preached this. Have we lived it yet in our own … Continue reading MY truth, therefore THE truth?

My spot in Pune

Yesterday I visited this quaint place in Pune. A mere 15 minutes away from the campus, it is a place I can truly imagine myself spending many a days at. Named Pagdandi, this place is perfect to settle down with a cup of tea, some light snack or just an ice tea and read to … Continue reading My spot in Pune

Each their own

Ritu arrives at work at her regular time of 8am. She meets Arnav, her immediate boss. Ritu: "Hi Arnav. The report you sought is ready and at your desk." Arnav: "Thank you Ritu. I shall get back to you regarding this tomorrow." This is the extent of their conversation on that day. One thing needs … Continue reading Each their own

On my mind…

Today as I opened this site after months altogether, I realized how much I have missed it..not... My notification bar tells me my blog turned 4 on the 12th of this month. I remember how till last year the birth-date of my blog used to be a huge deal for me... so what changed in … Continue reading On my mind…