Bored of thinking

I am a little bored with thinking about thoughtful thoughts… so am devising new ways to lessen the amount of thought i need to put in.

My first method is the page – ‘Challenge Accepted‘. Do visit to see what it is and how you can be more a part of this part of my life.

Now, the second method – I invite any and all of you, who wish, to be a guest author here on thoughtful thoughts. There is no restriction to what you want to write and when you want to write. Starting now, just let me know if you wish to help me with my blog by contributing a post.

Sweethearts that all my readers are, I hope i get some new ideas in the the form of posts from you all. Awaiting your comments to make you a part of thoughtful thoughts.

Happy blogging. Take care.


P.S. Just for clarification, i would be the one posting the post with your name ans site in it. It’s not direct posting by the author.

22 thoughts on “Bored of thinking

  1. hey- just made time today to read a lot of blogs …time management is tough balancing act but Iam so much in love with blogging now:-)
    gr8 posts yaar
    I have always wanted to write about “being bored” my little one finds numerous ways to feel bored..iam gonna write abt it. when is the big question. lol

  2. Alla thea besta Janhvia…… (just to make it look a lil different0
    Hope this idea floods ur blog with loads of guests posts…..and i am sure its a way for other ppl finding themselves as a part of your blog 🙂

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