Challenge Accepted

This is a page that I have created to challenge myself via readers on this blog.

The basic idea behind this page came from the dialouge of a famous TV character, Barney Stinson, from the serial How I Met Your  Mother.

What I plan to do is to let my readers (you all) give me a topic to write on. Leave the topic you wish me to write on as a comment and in the coming week I’ll write a post on it. If a week has many topics, I will deal with them on the first come first write basis in the coming weeks.

A promise to all my readers. No sensible topic will be left out. *

So leave as many topics as you wish to. No restrictions on the number of topics you can challenge me with.

*Terms and Conditions apply. :p

88 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. #13 – Well, I seem to give challenges faster than I do them 😛 (I’ve a lot pending on my page still I know.)

    Charlie Harper, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Joey Tribbiani and Barney Stinson all meet at a party. Narrate the party from the voice of either Robin Scherbatsky or Phoebe Buffay.

  2. Hey there! Came here via Kismi Toffee Bar’s blog.
    Been reading through your posts, and loving them. Will soon be back to read more. 🙂 Keep up the good work!
    Love this page of yours. Love the way you accept challenges and deal with them ASAP.

  3. I’d like to read a story that shows your perspective on the world, the spirit and the life beyond this one. I want to know you.

  4. OK. As is my custom, you finish one challenge, and I give another 😉 Lost count, is this #11? 😛

    Any ways.. this is what I ask of you..

    “Write a flash 55 fiction that ends and begins with the same five words. :)”

    1. Saans to lene do ji. :p
      Here I am blogging after 2 months, finally completing the challenge you gave me so long ago.. and here’s another one .:D
      But ya, thanks. Will write on it soon. :p

  5. I suppose this was coming 😛 You end one, I give another.. Its now sort of routine na..

    OK.. How do I challenge my BFF this time..? Write a post on..

    “If you and I had never met, would you have missed me in your life?”

  6. Challenge :-
    Write a story about the suicide of a women , who lost her child that fell out of the window while she was making out with the neighbour.

  7. And maybe an easier eighth challenge. 🙂 and I’m sure you’ll know what I mean. The challenge is

    “She watches over me.”

  8. I know for a fact that my best friend’s favorite number (i.e yours) is 7. And that this is my 7th challenge to you.

    Write a story with you as the heroine if you would. There should be 7 paragraphs, each paragraph should have seven sentences.

    The story should end with the sentence, “That’s why I love the number 7”. 🙂

  9. OK.. Another one from me.. (6th I suppose).. 😛

    You’re walking in a crowded street, when suddenly, you find you are buck naked. You have to walk a long way to get to your destination. Write the details of the journey.

  10. I have been wishing to write on this, but I would rather want you to take this up as a challenge. Can you write about a “virtual friend”, someone whom you don’t know, whom you just met accidentally, online!
    What say?

  11. OK. Challenge. challenge.. You handle my challenges with much aplomb and each shows how much depth your mind has. I love it.

    Here’s my fourth challenge to you: I want you to narrate the story of a street dog, in first person. What do you see, how do the people treat you, what are your dreams, what do you talk of to your friends?

    (And it should not end in the dog being adopted by some nice people. That’s too expected.)

  12. goes the challenge….I always wanted to write about this, write about incest , a short story 1000 words , no sluty things , but should be sensual .

    1. I’m extremely sorry Rahul, but I will have to turn this challenge down (my first ever). I am just not comfortable writing an erotic story. There are sites for that, you can visit them.
      As for my views on Incest in general, you can find them here.

  13. OK. I’m a very emotional sort of person. I get sad very easily, or even happy easily. Something happened that made me feel like crying, yet I couldn’t you know?! Is that okay? Does crying in sadness help, or must we conceal our sadness? Some people say it’s a phase, and being emotional is “weak”.. I don’t know what to think, if or not to change the person who I am right now.

    Your thoughts on this? (Not on what I should think, but the being emotional is weak / not crying in sadness is wrong part etc.) Not sure exactly how to put it, but I guess you can get where m coming from..

    1. To start with, thank you for the challenge. I am a person who is a mixture of both concealer and expresser…. so to look at it from both sides would be fun and informative to me.
      Let’s see what comes out in the end.
      A week or two, is all I ask for. 🙂

      Here it is : Weakness?

  14. “In this modern technology filled era, a lot of children have e-mails and mobile phones. In such case, do the parents have rights to demand that the passwords and usernames etc be handed over to them? is monitoring and mentoring needed to be taken to such an extent?”

    ur next challenge 😛

  15. I read about this idea just a day ago and never thought that it could be implemented in a way like this. Like you are celebrating your 100th post, I am soon going to celebrate my 50th post. I think of burrowing this idea too on that occasion. Thanks.
    Here is your challenge, “a date with an Indian cricketer” (Guessing it would be Yuvi or Kohli for sure!)

    1. Glad you liked the idea. And great to have you here.
      As for the challenge, it’s a challenge because am not a person who is at all interested in cricket. So, have no idea yet who it would be. Let’s see.
      thanks for the challenge, it’ll be up by next week Saturday, as already have one for this week. 🙂

      Here it is : A date

  16. write a humorous fiction 🙂 in first person, u r a gal who’s been convicted of being overweight. present ur case in a food court.
    pun intended on the words, food court 🙂

  17. Great idea
    here is your challenge, its not a challenging topic
    the topic is
    Do you think India is still a democracy, after knowing about all the things happening in the country (not only anna hazare episodes, but also other issues about the ministers indulging in scams and all that)

    1. Oh yes it is challenging. You have given me a topic from my feared genre – GK. My GK is negative. Anyway, as have been given the challenge will do some research and post on whether or not I think India is still a democracy.
      Thanks for the challenge.
      This post should be up sometime between 11th and 17th september. 🙂

      Here it is : I live in a democracy

  18. I like this idea.. thinking of borrowing it. I’m in need of inspiration at times, and I’ve been feeling dead lately. Would you mind? Do let me know.. 🙂

    And regards a topic to challenge you on, I’ll think of it and get back to you tomorrow night, Janhvi..

    1. I have no issues AT ALL with you borrowing the idea. It would feel great to know that my idea is being liked and used.
      And, waiting for the topic. 🙂

      1. oh thanks! 😀 I’ll put up a page asking my readers for topics too. Maybe this weekend I’ll do that.

        I’m a li’l late, but the topic I’ll give now 🙂

        “If something regarded as superstition by you, becomes true for you more than once or twice, would you still consider it as superstition or begin to believe in it?”

  19. agree with sub, i actually wanted to write about that but was sure wont be able to do justice to the subject. so actually looking forward to see how a female treats the subject.

    1. Whoo. Am myself dead conscious, this is a subject even i am not sure i’ll ever be able to do justice to. But will try my best. Thanks for the faith in my thoughts.

  20. Hey Jo…Congrats for this new addition and i see its buzzing up already 🙂 It seems it’s gonna get real challenging for u ! But u can sure handle it 🙂
    I want to make it very simple and heartfelt for u this time..I would love to hear about ur parents 🙂 🙂 Just the way u see them…
    Cheers !!

    1. Thanks for your wishes. My first month is booked. 🙂
      Also thanks for such a great topic, it is challenging but simply because explaining my parents and my feelings towards them in words isn’t the easiest thing.

      Here it is : My parents

  21. Nice to see you coming up with these innovative ways…I like it..

    I won’t give you any challenging topic….I just want you to write about the things you want to change if you have the authority to do so….(Personal, Social, National, International…..there’s no scope…write whatever you want to change)

  22. goes the challenge….I always wanted to write about this, but i think you are better than me to do’s about rape…a lot has been written about rape and how bad it is…but nothing about the life after….i think the after effects of rape is much more disastrous for the victim then the act of rape itself… the society has to mature to make the victim feel comfortable….treat the victim normally just like anyone else…the victims should not feel like they are different…they have the right to live a normal life…


    1. Wow… there truly lies a challenge, for more reasons than one. One, it’s a sensitive topic. Anything to be written about it has to be very carefully done so as not to hurt the sentiments of the readers (and more specifically the ones having gone through this or seen this around them). Secondly, having no first hand experience, Thankfully, a t of research needs to be done on the subject before i write on it.
      Thanks a lot for my first challenge. It’ll be up here before the coming Saturday and i can only hope that i do justice to the topic.

      Here’s a link to the post: What comes when the worst is over

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