I recently saw this on a site/blog and decided to do the same about me. So here are 26 facts about me:

Atish is the name of my oldest crush (which I remember as a crush).

Bored is what I am for most hours in a day.

Cold-drinks are my biggest temptation.

Dare me to something and watch me defeat you.

Eternal love is my sweetest dream.

Falling in love with my boyfriend is my best memory till date.

Growing old is one of my fears.

Helping others is my biggest weakness.

I love to spend time with babies.

Jokes need to be really new or really good to make me laugh.

Kite flying is something I wish to learn.

Love is my priority #1.

Music soothes me best.

Nothing is more irritating than someone whining for no valid reason.

Old is gold is my motto for song selections.

Paris is my dream honeymoon.

Quite a lot of times, I become emotional too suddenly and without a reason.

Rhyming is not my cup of tea.

Sometimes I just want to be with “him” and nothing else matters.

Thursdays are my favourite days of the week.

Uno is one of my favourite games.

Very rarely do I cry in front of strangers.

Whenever in doubt, I like to call my brother or bff.

X-mas now means being Santa for my younger sis and cousins.

Yelling is something I excel at.

Zebras have always fascinated me.



Long Distance Does Work

I am pretty sick of hearing EVERYWHERE that long distance relationships do not work. THIS IS UNTRUE. Long Distance Relationships work just great, and at times better than the forever next to each other one’s. This could be for a plethora of reasons, but I can only state the ones I have experienced. Also, not all long distance relations are the same no two relations are the same, and a relation is very different from what is projected on television, in movies, and in romantic stories, and this can easily be verified by any one in a relation.

Today, I am not the practical thinker, nor the humourist, nor the philosophical… am plainly and simply a girl in love and who is proud of her relationship.

We may not be the couple who wish each other good morning and good night everyday, but we have spent sleepless nights for concern of each other.

We may not be the couple that talk everyday, but the 10 minutes whenever we talk  are enough for us to know and believe that we love each other.

We may not say the three words to each other for weeks altogether, but we don’t need to, because words will never be able to express what our hearts feel.

We may not dedicate songs to each other and link ourselves with romantic movies, but we know our being together is better than any romantic movie and more heartfelt than any song can ever convey.

We may not meet for months at end, but when we meet it is magical.

We may not roam hand in hand in public and proclaim our love to the world, but our hands are inseparable in our hearts.

We may not be talk for hours at end, but our conversations are thus not 90% of “So, what else”?

We may not be “cutely possessive” about each other, but we trust each other blindly.

We may not be a rich couple, but we treat each other royally.

We may not be the couple that are forever praising the other, but we are honest enough to tell the other person exactly what we cannot stand in them.

We may not have a short distance relationship, but our long distance relationship is the best that can ever be in the world.

This is to say THANK YOU for being a part of my life. You break the stereotypes when you tell me to my face that I am Obese… you break the stereotype when you don’t necessarily say “I Love You” but it shows in each of your actions…. you break the stereotype when even when you need to save money for something else, you make sure you take me out on a date to the best possible place and treat me royally…. for all this and so much more and also for no definite reason or rhyme, I LOVE YOU.

P.S. This is my last post for this year, as from tomorrow I would be studying for my exams. My next post would most probably not come until after the 20th of January, so loads of wishes on Christmas, New Year and Lohri to everyone. Have a great time people. Enjoy the festivals. Take care all.

Thing to do before I die

Seeing a post regarding the same on another blog – here, I decided to make my own list. As this may become extremely boring for those of you who can’t figure out why they should read someone’s wish list (though I love doing it – it tells me a lot about that person), here’s something to motivate you, and this can be done by the others too: Read the list and see how many of these do you share with me. Then let me know how many and which ones as a comment. 🙂

1. Visit my birthplace

2. Visit my ancestral hometown

3. Live apart from my family

4. Learn how to swim

5. Scuba diving

6. Get out of an awkwards situation with “his” family/friends without making a fool of myself.

7. Win a recognized blog award

8. Marry in pomp

9. Get pregnant

10. Have a baby girl

11. Be able to gift my brother his dream bike

12. Build a house for my parents

13. Live in a hill station

14. Learn Salsa and Ball dance

15. Play the keyboard for a large audience

16. Learn one foreign language well

17. Visit Venice, Paris

18. Be with “him” alone on a beach

19. Win tambola (housie) once

20. Sky diving

21. Raise atleast 3 different pets at the same time

22. Ride in a personal limo

23. Ride in a personal helicopter

24. Take surprise gifts home for everyone

25. Fall head over heals in love

26. Have a bff who knows me better than me myself

27. Get 3 ‘Ace’ while playing ‘teen patti’

28. Cook a whole meal for a huge gathering

29. Forgive all my ‘enemies’

30. Have my name mentioned in a magazine

31. Become very slim

32. Publish my novel

33. Get him to get my name tatooed

34. Tatoo his name

35. Get 1crore viewers here

36.Have a barbeque verandah at home

37. Slap someone hard across the face

38. Get very close to death and come back safe

39. Scream at the people unnecessarily talking in a movie hall

40. Participate in a game show

41. Win a game show

42. Meet Amitabh Bachchan

43. Watch a movie with “him” (my boyfriend and not Big B) in the PVR Gold Class

44. Watch a movie shooting

45. Work in the same town as my bff

46. Be able to buy myself anything my younger sister or younger cousins put a hand on

47. Organize a wedding

48. Cry at my wedding

49. Get pampered without any limits for a week

50. Learn to speak up if I dislike something

51. Be a part of a movie

52. Be able to remove all saas bahu serials from television

53. Watch the old cartoon network again

54.  Write my autobiography

55. Write another person’s biography

56.Name a star after him

57. Sponsor a child’s education

58. Spend a whole day with a very small baby, doing nothing else

59. Receive a surprise party

60. Write a time capsule

61. Meet a great author in person

62. See the shooting of a reality show

63. Meet Neil Pattrick Harris

64. Play at a casino in Las Vegas

65. Romantically dance with him in the rain

66. Spend a week with him with no worry of any work or anything else

67. Finish a KFC chickenbucket by myself

68. Eat a red chilli without water

69. Visit Disney Land

70. Laugh so hard I start crying

This list is by no means exhaustive and I will keep adding to it as and when I remember…. but this is my list uptill now. Now that you’ve come this far, do drop by a comment on your own wishlist. 🙂

A poem for Him

Since the day we first met,
I knew it was love,
You answered my prayers,
and came down from above…

You gave me your heart,
and taught me to trust,
I knew you had become important,
being with you was a must…

Your sweet loving words,
are not to be compared,
I am forever your partner,
my soul I have bared…

Every day I wake up,
with a smile a mile long,
I know that we are solid,
I know that we are strong…

So never put into question,
my feelings being true,
because I have found my one and only,
And I will always love you.

They taught me too

We learn something or the other from everyone around us. My family, my friends, my teachers, and most importantly my “enemies”. They taught me a lot too. It is rightly said that you may take the teachings coming from a friend lightly, but the things enemies teach you, are learnt forever.

Before I move on, I must clarify, enemy here means any person who I am on a less than friendly basis with, someone with whom I have some major disconnect. Some of these are proper fights, while with others it is just a disconnect which has led to unfriendly terms between us.

Today, I am here, writing about what each of these “enemies” has taught me. I have learnt major lessons of my life from these people.

1. My earliest lesson from an enemy came in the 11th standard (I have no memories of enemies before that). She taught me that I should let people make their own mistakes, instead of interfering and trying to tell them what is right.
2. My second lesson came in my first year at college, where I learnt that people’s mindset cannot be changed. Even if you don’t treat them unequally because of ‘social status’, they themselves do. And thus, they act in a lowly way themselves.
From the same person I also learnt that never give anyone in life more importance than the core group (family, true friends and (if applicable) your partner).
3. The third person who taught me in this way is someone with whom I haven’t had a fight per say, we have just drifted apart. She taught me that one should compromise only as much as one is comfortable with. Too much compromising to help others only leads to problems.
4. My latest lesson came from a person who is hell bent on being a good friend when I am no longer interested. Because of some reasons, I am unable to say no to her on her face (I tried, it led to disastrous results, so I had to withdraw my ‘NO’). I learnt from her that it is wrong to make someone dependent on you and let that person be extremely addicted to you. Also, that I am not here to become a mommy to people in this hostel. If they cannot take care of themselves, it is not my duty to take care of them.

So, a big THANK YOU to all these people, for teaching me some lessons that I might never have learnt otherwise. It is truly said that everyone comes into your life for a reason. We may not realize it during their presence and may be hurt by their actions, but it is all needed.

Wet eyes

This post is an emotional outlet, as I too need to stop writing good posts always. :p 🙂

Being a hostler for nearly 2.5 years now, has changed my perspective to a lot of things. This is about one such thing.
Staying at home, with snacks that Mom just made for me, it was easy to watch a sentimental scene and say, ‘who cries so easily. She’s only getting married, and she would be staying in the same town. What hype about nothing’.
I realize now, somewhere, that it’s the thought and not the distance and time of separation that counts most. I remember my return from the Dusshera break, after meeting my parents. I knew that I would be with them in another 12 days, but my eyes were still wet, parting from them.

I can only speak of myself and my best friend in college (Navjyot), we both are die hard home sick girls. We never get enough of staying at home. Though I also must confess here, that I start taking my home for granted too soon once I am there.

Sometimes, when I have a fight at the hostel, or when I see a parent visiting, or sometimes for no apparent reason, I feel like crying for hours at end because I can think of no other way to express how I feel. The words, ‘I MISS YOU’ just aren’t enough.

Those things that irritate me, when I am at home, are the ones I miss the most. There are days when I would barter anything in my life to have one sweet fight with my sister on who would be the banker in the monopoly game, one moral lecture from my dad on how I need to be more focused, one scolding from my mom to do things on time, and one argument with my brother over something we have different view points on.

I just can’t put it in words, but all I want to say is, I MISS MY FAMILY.
Now, after living away from home, I know am going to cry A LOT on my vidai, even if I were to live in the same city.

For all those at home, this may be difficult to understand, but treasure every moment you live there and give the people there your time… they truly are the world. For all those away, take out some time, set aside your ego (if), and give some time to your family (though it might be just over the phone, IT’S STILL WORTH IT).

A date!?!

Challenge eight: A Date With an Indian Cricketer

Thanks Chetan, for this challenge at ‘Challenge Accepted‘.

NOTE : THIS STORY IS COMPLETELY FICTION and I prove that with the first line itself.

“And the winner of the best blog is Ms. Janhvi Pant. She has won a date with any member of the Indian Cricket team.”
“The second prize goes to Mr. Sub and Mr. Leo who win a cash price of Rs. 1,00,000 each”. (btw, that’s your latest challenge Leo :p – What would you do with this money? – no cliche’ answers allowed.”)

My reaction – “Why, oh why, did I not win the second prize? I don’t want to go on any date with any cricketer. If at all, get me a date with my boyfriend.”
But destiny had spoken. I had to spend a day with one of the members of the present Indian cricket team. I decided to fool destiny by escaping mid date.

The next day, I wore my best clothes, looked better than I ever could, and went to meet my date – Dhoni.
As we entered the cafe coffee day, I made sure that his presence did not go unnoticed. Soon, our table was flooded with fans wanting autographs, which gave me the chance to plan my next move ( which btw, I never got a chance to execute).

We sat, discussing what to do for the whole day. The conversation flowed not so easily, but we finally decided what to do for the whole day. He would take me shopping and then lunch. A movie, dinner, and that’s it. The shopping was tempting me to drop the escape plan I had made, so I decided to postpone my escape till after the shopping. (Mean me! I know).

We went to UCB, Lifestyle, Westside and many other stores where he shopped for both me and himself. Soon, the shopping was over and I had started feeling guilty for thinking of escaping. So, I decided to do so after lunch. (I guess you can see where this is heading 🙂 )

Lunch was at The Taj (OMG!), where he was staying. This was only my second visit to the Taj restaurant as so I was definitely blown away by the grandeur. Once over with lunch, he informed me that he had already booked tickets in the Gold Suite of PVR for the movie Rockstar. This made me again…. oh, you know it by now. In my defense, I had yet to ever see the Gold Suite of PVR and so I could not say no. 🙂

The movie was good, but much better was the ambience which I think I gave more notice to than the movie. By now, I had started to really enjoy myself and was for the firstime since the announcement of the prize hoping the day would not end.

After the movie, we decided to walk to the restaurant where dinner was planned. It was not too far, and we (especially me) were in no hurry. We talked about cricket ( I was shocked with myself), life as a celebrity, my college, life as a non celebrity :p, and my blog. He commented that he had been on the judging team and had really liked my blog… wow!

Dinner was chinese, my choice, and time really flew. Soon, he was driving me back to my hostel. I had made sure that people in my hostel knew I was returning, I would love to see the girls envy me. 🙂

That was goodbye, for then. I really hoped that I would get to spend another day with this members of Team Blue. I loved the day.

P.S. A confession about this post, when I started typing, I had no idea what I was going to write, or even who I was going to ‘choose’ as ‘my date’. It came spontaneously, so thanks for bearing with it.