I Wonder


Rape seems to be a norm,

Women’s body just a mode of pleasure.

No shame remains in any form,

While men create havoc at leisure.

Rang De Basanti is remembered,

Where protestors are unnecessarily hit.

Human again has erred,

Is there no bottom to this lowly pit?

A lot is being spoken,

With absolutely no one to hear.

Each thread of hope broken,

Are we to live in constant fear?

More girls victimised by the day,

Victims including babies three year old.

Will the offenders ever be made to pay,

I am afraid what does the future hold.

The mud is thrown on the women,

Seemingly from unrespectable families they belong.

Who gave this freedom to such men?

To speak whatever in their minds comes along.

12 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. I wonder too…
    It isn’t really freedom…it’s blockage of mind…
    we probably need a revolution to change the mind set of people….

  2. Rapists do not even deserve a name. 10 years behind bars, if you cant prove that you are innocent, tough. Women should be cherished, loved & respected. If anyone ever touched my Mother, Sister, Sister in law or my nieces..Game over. I know a place where I could leave them strapped to a chair in the dark & let rats eat them.
    My Mother was raped. I have no quarms when it comes to these cvnts.

    1. I completely agree with you. My prayers are with your mother.
      I hope such people are set as an example for the world to see just how badly they should be punished.
      God bless.

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