A few things

To start with, my blog turned 3 on 14th. Am sorry have been busy with exams. And to compensate for that I am going to give my blog a little gift. This little gift is what my blog has not had for a long time and I believe it to be necessary. You all might have already noticed the gift if you have been here before. Yep, new theme. I wanted it to have a bit more of a simple, classy look. Leo, you worked so much on my last theme, don’t worry I have it all with me, in my system.

And also, two pictures for the wish.

Wish Wishing



To end with, am facing the worst that can happen to a writer. I do not feel like writing these days. There are many reasons to it, one being added very recently. To all the people who like reading what I write, am sorry to keep you waiting. I know exactly what it is like when we wish to read what someone has to write and we don’t get to. Also I hope I am able to put up a proper post here soon.

For now, browse through the categories. You might find something interesting! 🙂

Take care everyone!


Thoughtful Thoughts speaks


It is great to have you here. I am Thoughtful Thoughts. Today instead of Janhvi, I would be sharing something with you.

As some of you would have noticed, my author has been doing a lot of strange, unique (or borrowed ideas) things to keep me alive, pumping and active. I appreciate all that.But I need her to stop and think if she is spending too much time on me.

Today I have a few questions for her and you:

  •  Are you using me and my friends(fellow blogs) for escapism? Is it that you do not wish to face life in reality so you make your life a virtual one by writing a lot and not finding time to think and introspect?
  • Do you truly mean everything you write, or are you just being morally correct?
  • Are you leaving out your essential work just to blog?
  • Are you blogging under the obligation of writing once a day,week,month etc?
  • Is most of your awake time spent on the blog or thinking about it?
If the answer to any of my questions is what it ought not be, then please get back to the real world now, before it’s too late. I was here, am here, and will be here till you wish me to be. But please don’t make me and my friends an important part of your life if it means forgoing what truly is important – living life itself.
Take care readers. Blog a lot, but only if you can handle it.