Words have no meaning

A word, by itself, has No meaning at all. Here's a word : Dog! All of you readers must have thought of 'a dog', but at the same time no two dogs would be the same. While some of you might have thought of a pet dog, while some others of a street dog. Even … Continue reading Words have no meaning


Long Distance Does Work

I am pretty sick of hearing EVERYWHERE that long distance relationships do not work. THIS IS UNTRUE. Long Distance Relationships work just great, and at times better than the forever next to each other one's. This could be for a plethora of reasons, but I can only state the ones I have experienced. Also, not … Continue reading Long Distance Does Work

Thing to do before I die

Seeing a post regarding the same on another blog - here, I decided to make my own list. As this may become extremely boring for those of you who can't figure out why they should read someone's wish list (though I love doing it - it tells me a lot about that person), here's something … Continue reading Thing to do before I die

Dark Beauty

Dark, or black, is considered to be inclining towards the negative side of things. It is often considered to be the 'opposite' of white. As white often stands for purity, black is seen to mean impure, though it is not expressly said (mostly), this is how it is taken. 'The Dark Ages', 'Buri nazar wale … Continue reading Dark Beauty

They taught me too

We learn something or the other from everyone around us. My family, my friends, my teachers, and most importantly my "enemies". They taught me a lot too. It is rightly said that you may take the teachings coming from a friend lightly, but the things enemies teach you, are learnt forever. Before I move on, … Continue reading They taught me too