Defining me is

not easy, your presence does so

and gives me meaning.

This is to celebrate the upcoming 2nd birthday of Haiku Heights, where the theme this time was ‘Meaning’.

While the above one was well thought out, here is the one that I made instantly (except for having to adjust the last line once) when I heard the word.

The meaning of ‘us’

is to be, Soul-mates we are

for people to see.


बस यूँ ही (jlt)

एक कविता यूँ ही:

जब भी तुम्हे ढूँढने चली, हाथ लगी तो सिर्फ निराशा,
जानती हूँ तुम मेरे नहीं, फिर भी है इक पगली सी आशा.
तुम्हे पता है सब कुछ, फिर कभी बोलते क्यूँ नहीं,
मेरी ज़िन्दगी में अपने प्यार का रंग, घोलते क्यूँ नहीं?
बैठी हूँ तुमसे दूर, चाहती हूँ पास आना,
तुम्हारी ऐसी कोई चाह नहीं, यह भी मैंने जाना.
एक आवाज़ तो लगा के देखो, आयुंगी दौड़ के,
यह झूठा जो संसार बुना है, पीछे छोड़ के.
तुम्हारे बारे में सोचूं तो निशब्द हो जाती हूँ,
तुम्हारे ख्यालों में मानो खो सी जाती क्यूँ?
आज फिर हुआ यूँ की भटक सी गयी,
ख्वाबों में तुम्हारे अटक सी गयी.
जब भी तुम्हे देखती हूँ अपने आँगन में,
तितलियाँ सी उड़ने लगती हैं मन में.
तुम्हारे करीबी दोस्तों में से मैं शायद नहीं,
पर क्या आती हूँ किसी भी गिनती में कहीं?
जो डोर तुमने पकड़ी ही नहीं, मुझे बांधे है क्यूँ,
ये बावरा दिल मेरा, तुम्हे चाहे है क्यूँ?

P.S.: A must read post – Unwinnable battles

A poem for Him

Since the day we first met,
I knew it was love,
You answered my prayers,
and came down from above…

You gave me your heart,
and taught me to trust,
I knew you had become important,
being with you was a must…

Your sweet loving words,
are not to be compared,
I am forever your partner,
my soul I have bared…

Every day I wake up,
with a smile a mile long,
I know that we are solid,
I know that we are strong…

So never put into question,
my feelings being true,
because I have found my one and only,
And I will always love you.

Two experiments together

This time, I’m trying out something I’ve never done before. I’m writing the two parts of this post for two memes of Leo’s blog – I Rhyme Without Reason.

The first is an Acrostic story for It’s Thursday.

while the second is a Haiku for Haiku Heights

Please do not be kind on me and let me know exactly where I falter and where I can improve myself.

Note – Both are absolutely and undoubtedly fiction. 🙂

It’s Thursday:

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. That’s my tale. Until school, life was simple. Then, when I came to college, I came to understand for the first time what politics really meant and what it meant to have power.

Everyone around me suddenly seemed to be conscious of the title and place they held in college. It was only human for me to follow this thought. And so began my journey towards the core of college politics.

Whoever I met, I made sure was happy with me. I made certain that when I reached my final year and stood for elections, people would have no reason not to vote for me. The ones who fell short of cash, got it from my pocket money; this solved most of their demands. The few guys too ugly/disgusting/irritating/undeserving/frustrated to get laid, also got what they wanted. Yes, I had fallen to my lowest, and risen to the highest in politics.

Engrossed in the politics, I even sacrificed my actual aim, that of studying well. I made it to ‘the top’ though. I was made head of the student association in my final year. Looking back, this is where I should have ended this madness, but it was flowing in my blood by now.

Remorse is all I feel today when I look back to my doings in college. I was to my college, what Hitler was to Germany. My friends (more of money or power or both than real emotions) were free to do as they pleased, while my enemies died by the day (some even literally). Today, as I sit in a prison cell for a seven year term that started a month back, I dwell on what I could have been, instead of what I am. Absolute power corrupted me absolutely.


the ghosts of my past
have returned, determined to
haunt me forever

To think of it, not that I planned it like this, the haiku can be an aftermath of the story. Leo, is that your thought behind the two topics, or am I just thinking too much?

Take care everyone.

P.S. I’ll be my own critic – Both these developments on the given word concept are very cliche’. 🙂

Like a dream

Here I sit, thinking only of you
Wondering what is to become of us
Understanding all you have been through
Hoping to slowly gain your trust
My heart aches for you, and also I yearn
I want to understand you
In hopes that I will learn
Your unique and special qualities amaze me
Your smile
Your mind
Your voice and its beautiful sound
Your eyes
Your hair
Your ability to cheer me up
When you see that I am down
My feelings for you go beyond that of words
And at first it didn’t seem real
But that just taught me a lesson
In doubting what I feel
It seems I dreamed you into life
And the reason for my stare
The bluest sky
The deepest sea
Don’t even compare
Oh, you’re so very special in every single way
And thoughts of you
Run through my head
Every hour of the day
I hope that you will understand
Just how I feel about you
I want to be your guiding hand
For all that you go through

not by me. by a Ryan Hull

Strange love

How strange to love a stranger,

to fall into arms unknown,

not knowing if they are strong enough;

strong enough to break your fall.

How strange to love a stranger,

to not know if they will catch you,

or even bother to try at all.

How can one say what love is,

if all they have seen is uncertainty?

One in the same they must be,

this love,

& this ignorance;

to give up that which you have,

for that which you will

never be able to reach;

This illusion,

that draws so many in,

makes a false reality

and clears the path

for obsessions to take control.

How strange to love a stranger.

Check the spell checker

Here’s an interesting poem about the spell checker available to all of us on our PC’s, laptops… i copied it from a friend’s blog who seems to have copied it from the following link:


The poem is as follows:

I have a spelling chequer,
It came with my pea sea,
It plainly marks four my revue,
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key an type a word,
And weight four it two say,
Weather eye am wrong oar write,
It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid,
It nose bee fore to long,
And eye can put the error rite,
Its rare lea ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it,
I am shore your pleased two no,
Its letter perfect awl the weigh,
My chequer tolled me sew.

Hope the message reached across. 🙂

Take care all.