Words of a Commanding Officer of the Indian Army – REALITY CHECK for the nation

A CO in the Indian Army recently wrote:-

This is not a post for the weak hearted and Adarsh Liberals so do not go any further if you are out of your comfort zone.
It really pains a soldier’s heart if the blood of his brethren is not adequate to galvanize a nation.

This nation is so ungrateful, the intelligentsia so spineless and intellectual class so bigoted that they will get mobilised by tragedies of Peshawar, Gaza or France. However, they are immune to our own suffering. Why? I will tell you why, because it is fashionable to get associated with a global cause, it makes you look cool, it is easier to talk about it sipping a single malt in a comfortable South Delhi mansion.

I do not condone any of the terror attacks happened anywhere in the world, not even in Pakistan. However, I shall be candid : a terror attack in Peshawar wherein brethren of one enemy is killed by another has very limited relevance for me. I am aware I would be lynched for this statement but I would hold my ground.
Ask anyone who has lifted the coffin of his brother, his comrade, how heavy is the load? It has the dreams of a young wife, it has the future of his children and hopes of his parents. My dear countrymen, it is far heavier than any coffin.

Few of you will also chide me by saying that soldiers are paid to die. No sir, you are entirely incorrect. Soldiers are paid to protect the integrity of the nation. If you want canon fodder, hire mercenaries. This soldier is even denied a decent last journey, his bullet riddled remains are kept in a dilapidated parking yard in Delhi Airport as the ‘designated place’ does not have the security clearance! The same place is opened every Thursday for devotees as there is a Peer Baba located there. Thank the Lord for small mercies that his comrades in OG, will go out of their way to give him a befitting final journey.

His kids and wife are then part of an archaic system where pay stops the next day and pension starts in minimum 4-5 months albeit with arrears. Somebody ask these intellectuals do they even bother to think about a household where there will be no salary for five months but the stomach won’t stop growling, the school fee won’t stop and the electricity bill is still required to be paid.

The average youth of the nation also disappoints here, he is more bothered about mounting losses on Nestle and the two minute gruel. No candlelight march for his soldier, no white cap for his protector. Somehow, misery of Gaza always outshines misery of his own country.

Coming to polity and bureaucracy, the less said the better. If initial reports are to be believed, they are contemplating de-induction of armed forces from the areas where the encounter took place. As a result, the brothers of the slain will be denied even a chance to seek retribution.

Last but certainly not the least, the most disappointing facet, the harbinger of moral compass, the fourth estate, the Media. Death of a soldier doesn’t sell, period. So why even bother.

A soldier is aware of the dangers involved in the life he has chosen. He also understands that every other profession is as important and everybody can not fight.
Just give him dignity when he is alive and mourn for him when he fades away. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.
I would end this note with an anecdote :
Late Lieut Saurabh Kalia who was one of the earliest casualties of the Kargil War did not die of a gun shot wound. When his body was returned by Pakistan, his eyes had been gouged out, his ears and nose had been chopped, his entire body had cigarette and electric current burn marks, and his private parts had been cut and stuffed in his mouth and his mouth was sewn up. He was alive during the entire ordeal.
Try selling the idea of ‘Aman ki Asha’ to his parents who were not allowed to see their son for one last time, try selling it to his comrades who indeed saw the body.
Reconciliation comes easy in a comfortable home, not in an unforgiving bunker.”


Can’t get this off my mind

I have written about this more than twice already, and yet I am unable to get this off my mind. How can I, when everyday the newspaper reminds me of it in abundance.

I challenge somewhere here, in India, to find a paper of the capital, Delhi, of any recent date, that has not reported a rape case.

  • 3 year old raped in day care centre
  • 9 year old raped in school
  • 15 minors raped in the last two months
  • Another girl gang-raped in auto in capital

These are https://jojofeelings.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpthe news items of the last 4 days, not necessary in order. And what are we doing, lighting candles or announcing on TV and Radio that we need to bring a change. Where is the change since 16th December? Has anything changed AT ALL? I have my doubts.https://jojofeelings.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

Some of my friends say that the rape situation is indeed getting BETTER as atleast now girls are coming out and reporting the cases. I agree, to an extent, and yet again I ask, is that what this should be about? How many cases are reported? Should it not be about how many cases there are? Should we feel proud of the increasing number of reported cases or should we wait (hopefully not endlessly) for a time when the reported cases are 100% of the actual cases and yet they are less in number than at present?

Today, I wish to share a video which had gone viral on facebook a few weeks back. Watching that video may have made us all think of how appropriate it is, but for how long?

Mombatiyan Jalane se kuch nahi hoga mere bhai, kuch nahi badalne yahan pe, apne dimag ki batti jalao


Before I go on, I wish to thank Ankit for this challenge at ‘Challenge Accepted’.  I also thank him, because it is because of him that I finally am putting up something of which I have zero knowledge. Am a zero GK person as this topic,and thus, though not supposed to be so much challenging, it is actually very much so.


Let’s start with the definition of democracy – “A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives”. Sounds simple and appealing, doesn’t it ? But in the end, if not nurtured properly even democracy might end up being similar to other tried forms of governments (Oligarchy, Theocracy, Dictatorship, etc).

It is said that India is the world’s largest democracy and we all feel proud about it. But not me; Should we feel proud about it knowing very well that we are called the world’s largest democracy only because of our large population and not because of our efficiency.

Today the way things are turning up, I seriously ask myself a question – are we still a democracy ? Does our government fulfill the basic duties of a democratic government ? Are we guaranteed basic personal and political rights, fair and free elections, and independent courts of law? I doubt most of us will answer these questions in the affirmative.

In my opinion the answer to the question that whether India is a democracy, is very uncertain.
It’s not easy for a common man to get his grievances heard or get speedy justice. We are all aware of the Anna Hazare incident. A lot has been written and spoken and seen about it. The historic win of Anna Hazare can make one think that India is still a democracy as the people power played a role in this victory. The people spoke in unison and were listened to. But is that the true essence of democracy, appropriate reactions to soothe the people’s voice??
Also we aren’t sure whether the victory will have a long term or short term impact.

On to the other side, we daily read news about new scams, the black money, the Swiss bank safes and a million other such things. The people we elected as our representatives to govern us are themselves busy in filling their pockets. Instead of imposing laws, they are the first ones to break them. Most of them have criminal records against their names. And if this was not enough, more than your credentials and your work, your surname and background have began to matter. If this continues than what will be the difference between a democracy and monarchy.

In short, India is on the point of a sword, fall this side and we are a democracy and fall the other, and we are anything but a democracy.

I would like to end this article with a small anecdote which I heard. One of my friend wanted to enter politics (for the sole purpose of serving the country), but his elders told him not to do so, stating the reason that politics is not for honest people.