On my mind…

Today as I opened this site after months altogether, I realized how much I have missed it..not…

My notification bar tells me my blog turned 4 on the 12th of this month. I remember how till last year the birth-date of my blog used to be a huge deal for me… so what changed in the past one year:

1. I had less time as there were shorter semesters, tougher subjects and longer internships OR

2. I lost the knack to write as most topics I can think of are already being written about and mostly better than how I could write them OR


There was a time I used to think people who called blogging a “fad” or “a passing craze” were out of their minds. Now I realize how true they were…. at least in my case. I cannot speak for anyone else.

Anyhow, I am not here just to tell you why I stopped blogging. Am here to write on something that has been on my mind far too long, and regarding which, even though the whole world seems to be saying what I would in the post, I feel the need to write my views.

Our Hon’ble Supreme Court just il-legalized gay sex and in short being gay again. Four years of so called peace, atleast from the legal aspect to these people and now this.

A lot of people on the other side of the table from me say that it is unnatural and the more “progressive” ones say that even though it is natural and we are none to decide who can love and sleep with whom, Indian society is not yet ready for it. Well, dear friends, the apex Court seems to agree with you all.

What issue can I raise that has not already been raised throughout media, actual or virtual. Nothing.

And yet, at the cost of repetition I want to ask, WHO do we think we are, deciding for them what to do and what not.

Being gay or lesbian is not a disease, or a choice, they are born that way. If “Nature” made them that way, how by any stretch of imagination can it be “unnatural”…… Please someone explain this to me BY LOGIC.

Even if it is not supported by our culture (if at all) or by the protectors of our religions…… Is it not time we changed our views.

If that be the case, if YOU want to take up the offence/ defense of religion and culture, why has the same Hon’ble Court legalized live in relationships thus legalizing pre-marital sex; or divorce; or Widow remarriage et all.

The examples I just took may seem unrelated. I hear a few people say that these are basic rights, eg: a woman to remarry if her husband dies and not to lead a dead life. But trust you me, this much, if not more havoc was created when it was first mentioned of being legalized… How is this any different?

To all those seeking a “cure for this disease” or “a tag of illegality to continue on it”… I ask you, Then What? It is illegal and immoral for gay or lesbian couples to be together…. Next? They have to forcefully marry someone of the opposite gender… Next? They have to have sex with such spouse because isn’t that what all this was all about? Sex between opposite genders and not the same to be able to bear off-springs…. Next? Everyone ends up being frustrated, sad, dissatisfied……. Next? The person forced into the marriage on this end finds ways to hide and be himself/herself and has affairs with people of the same gender… while the spouse of sheer frustration, has affairs too……A HAPPILY EVER AFTER??? I just don’t see it.

As I finish writing I realize that this is far from my good posts… and is nearly a rant… but I had to say what I had to say….


A little standpoint on GOD

NOTE : This post is not a personal attack on any believer of God (as the concept exists majorly today) or on any preacher or on God himself (herself)… It is merely my standpoint on the concept. You can happily disagree and all of your comments, except for abuses (preferably) are accepted. I would much appreciate if you let me know, via comments, if you differ from my opinion, or even if u agree. ūüôā

The following are the three major concepts regarding God that the majority believes in:

1. That God exists everywhere but also only in the statues that are made of him and put in the place of worship.

2. That God “forbids” us from doing such and such things.

3. That God decides EVERYTHING and those who help themselves are helped by God and the others are punished for not working themselves.

Think about it

My arguments:

1. That God exists everywhere but also only in the statues that are made of him and put in the place of worship. –¬†We have all grown up hearing God is everywhere. And we have all also grown up hearing why we should visit our holy place of worship regularly (The time period of each visit depends from religion to religion/ belief to belief). And why the paradox.If God is everywhere, I could be praying while doing ANYTHING at all. Why do I need to sit in a particular place to pray? ¬†Also, then why do we stop women from visiting holy places during their menstrual cycle? Is God not where they are sitting instead of going to the place of worship?

If God indeed was the stone that was turned into the ‘form of God’ (whatever that is, because I am yet to hear of anyone having witnessed God in a form, but anyway), then everyone who knows how to give shapes to rocks and stones, is a God Maker.

So decide people, either tell the others around you that God is everywhere OR tell them to visit your temple/mosque/gurudwara etc. Stop this double standards.

2. That God “forbids” us from doing such and such things. – “It is against our religion to have meat/ to drink/ to……………………………….. ” Why? God came and told you so? Or is it even mentioned in your original holy texts (the unadulterated for personal purposes version). It’s only something you and your religion has made believe for convenience and for distinction. ‘We are Hindus and they are not as we do/do not do this’…….. CRAP. Wake up people. God has not asked you not to have meat, or drink alcohol or not visit your “place of worship” during certain days of the month (this one applies only to women). We ( Society/Religion) have made the¬†restrictions. God is not going to punish a Hindu Brahmin for having non-veg ( I am yet to be punished), or a¬†Muslim¬†for drinking (my cousin does).

3.That God decides EVERYTHING and those who help themselves are helped by God and the others are punished for not working themselves. – God does everything and decides everything, right? That’s what we all happily believe in, calling it destiny or luck. A little more on this here. So if he decides EVERYTHING, it is he who decides whether I am lazy or hardworking, whether I will do this today or procastinate. How is it that God decides our ‘results’ ¬†but not our actions. Are they not part of everything?

We often say, “how unlucky you are. God punished you for his actions.” WAIT A SECOND HERE. God is the all knowing, all understanding, fair and just master. Then how can he make such a goof-up? Or, the other common thing, “It seems God doesn’t want you to be happy, so he is making your family and friends not support you”. If God is “making” others not support you, then why do we say to them, ” why are you doing this and hurting him/her. You should be considerate.” Now, where did these double standards come from?

So decide, is God deciding everyhting including the result or not deciding anything. THIS IS NOT A SYSTEM OF CONVENIENCE WHERE YOU PUT TO GOD WHAT YOU WISH AND TAKE THE REST TO YOURSELF.

Think about it, and think hard.

P.S. There are many things in this post that I have mentioned that I do not believe in, but have let it pass. Eg: Religion, Hindus, Muslims, Brahmins etc……… I disagree to these concepts entirely.