Big day

So it’s your 25th b’day, and I thought I’ll write you 25 lines for this day! (This was 1)

To Vinay, the friend and guide in the blogging world;
To Leo, the blogger to always look up to and admire;
To the many things you taught me in this blogosphere;
To the confidence you gave me to write poems and haiku;
To the trust you showed in me by including me in BBB;
To the changes you got in my blog through your ideas;
To the smiles you gave me during chats;
And to you as a whole package;

Happy Birthday Vinay/Leo;

On this special day for you, the government went ahead and imposed a message rule;

and the electricity suppliers here seems to be a fool;

I just pray that you had a wonderful day and a year ahead;

And you are smiling everyday when you go to bed;

Looks like I’m even rhyming here;

This confidence is because of your care;

Let’s see now what’s left;

Oh haiku remains for now;

Let me put that too;

And how can I forget the new life you gave;

to my blog in coma – Blemished Love;

There are a million thank you that are due;

but you won’t get any as of now;

because friends don’t say thank you!

And this is the last line!!!! :p


This new challenge

Before anything else, my next challenge, by Leo, on my ‘Challenge Accepted‘ page, is technically incorrect.

His challenge reads, and I quote, “If you and I had never met, would you have missed me in your life?”

It is technically impossible to miss someone you do not know, but I’ll be large-hearted (:p) and interpret this to mean what all I would have missed had I never met Leo, a.ka. Vinay.

Had I not known you,

I would have missed a friend.

And also challenges here,

would not have been a hot trend.

You made me believe in my poetry,

a belief I never had.

Looking back I do realize, without Leo,

this blog would have been sad.

My sweetheart header, is thanks to you,

the blog really looks nice,

So I here say thanks,

for adding to this space some spice.

The pet name JJ, you gave me,

it does sound really new.

In your friendship Janhvi too has evolved,

because friends like you are few.

How can I thank you enough,

I really wonder many-a-time.

It is solely because of you,

That this poem too does rhyme.

Happy BirthDate Harshit

8th April… Today one of the persons who is a major inspiration in my life.. be it the blogosphere or otheriwse…was born…

This person is one of the two people who first introduced me to blogging.. and as you all know.. I have never looked back..

He is a friend, philosopher, and guide, though his modesty will never let him agree to this.

I hope and pray that his virtues stay intact and his vices (if any, am yet to find) decrease. May he get all that he wishes for in life, and may he achieve the best of everything, simply, because he deserves it.

Happy BirthDate Harshit Nandan. Hope you had a great day.. and have an equally wonderful year ahead.

A little instant poem:

Everyone is born, only few live a life,

Today on this day, I wish you,

May you get all you want, and that you deserve,

May your problems reduce to very very few.

On this day, have a great time,

Enjoy to the fullest, pamper You,

I pray that you be happy,

And may life in you be born anew.

His blogs can be found here and here. The former is obsolete while the latter is on the verge of it. Not because he writes any less, but because he shares very less.

Once again, Happy BirthDate…….

P.S. It’s nice to be back here. Sorry to everyone for the delay in the challenges and interviews. They’ll be coming soon. 🙂

BTW, I crossed a lakh viewers recently… 😀 Yipeeee……….