Big day

So it's your 25th b'day, and I thought I'll write you 25 lines for this day! (This was 1) To Vinay, the friend and guide in the blogging world; To Leo, the blogger to always look up to and admire; To the many things you taught me in this blogosphere; To the confidence you gave … Continue reading Big day


This new challenge

Before anything else, my next challenge, by Leo, on my 'Challenge Accepted' page, is technically incorrect. His challenge reads, and I quote, “If you and I had never met, would you have missed me in your life?” It is technically impossible to miss someone you do not know, but I'll be large-hearted (:p) and interpret … Continue reading This new challenge

Happy BirthDate Harshit

8th April... Today one of the persons who is a major inspiration in my life.. be it the blogosphere or otheriwse...was born... This person is one of the two people who first introduced me to blogging.. and as you all know.. I have never looked back.. He is a friend, philosopher, and guide, though his … Continue reading Happy BirthDate Harshit