Note : This story is a work of fiction and any resemblance in name, place etc to any person is purely coincidental.




Amrita was just another girl who had just turned twenty. She was very lucky woman for her age because she was in a no time-pass no nonsense long term relationship. There was no question as to the fact that she was very much in love with the man who loved her equally. Also their relationship was much mature owing to the fact that it was not a week or month old but had been there for a long time now.

Even in those moments when she was angry or upset at him, there was never even a thought that she might not love him or vice versa. Obviously not everything was picture perfect, but she understood that so was the case in every relationship of every kind.  The differences of opinion she had with him did not dampen their love.

Still, there was one ‘little complication’ in her heart. Though she loved dearly her boyfriend and was completely loyal to him, her heart was divided in two as she also loved dearly another man. When she had first met him, it had seemed to Amrita that this other man was no more than a fleeting crush. A feeling that would go away soon. It didn’t.

With the passage of time, her love for both men grew. While many thought it was impossible to love two people in the same manner at the same time, she disagreed. If it was perfectly normal to be in love with two men at different times, why was it any different if both were present at one time. Love is an emotion and it is not something that happens systematically as to only fall in love once you no longer love another person. In actuality, there can never be falling out of love, so she loved them both.



Now, while loving the other man, she knew very clearly that relationships were the last thing he was looking for. His calling in life was different and falling in love was something he actively avoided. Also she was sure that he was the kind of person to leave decisions such as that of a life partner on his parents or other people he trusted in that regard.

However, Amrita was fearful. She feared that if someday, her ‘second love’ did indeed fall in love, how would she react? How would she react if he fell in love with another woman? But more importantly, how would she react if he fell in love with her? He knew very well she was in a relationship, but what if in some manner she were to come to know of his love for her. What would she do then?

The choice between the two men she loved would maybe drive her crazy. And though she loved the second man with all her heart, just like she loved the first one, she knew not what to hope for in the future. Should she hope for the man to love another and move away or should she hope for him to fall in love with her and stay?

Amrita had no answers to her mindset and knew that it was, to put it simply, “complicated”.


The Last Letter

From far-away, at the border, a soldier writes to his beloved, a letter….

Dear Sunita,

Your love is the best thing that has happened in my life. All throughout this war, it’s your love that has kept me going, but I fear tonight, that this battle might be my last. My darling, this shall be my last letter to you. Goodbye. God bless you.

Yours for ever,

and his beloved’s reply was thus:

Dear Harshit,

Your heart is safe with me, so fight with valor when you enter the battlefield, but try not to be so melodramatic. I shall wait for you, with pride. I remember what you said to me. If you mention it’s your last letter, it means you will be home soon.

Yours always,

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A Tough Choice

Here’s a very small post, with a very important question!

The mere thought of this made me cry for over an hour a few nights back. Asking you this question, my intention is not to make you go through the same pain or confusion but to help you understand your own mind and heart.


SITUATION 1 : You leave this world before your parent(s).

The + point – You never need to feel the loss of them going

The – point – You leave them with the pain of losing the child they gave birth to, and saw grow up.




SITUATION 2: They leave this world before you.

The + point – They are saved from the above mentioned pain.

The – point – You get to live through that tragedy and the life afterwards with the gap of their absence.



Which would you rather have? Bear the pain yourself and or give it to them?; or putting it differently, face death yourself first or let them face it first?


Please think and answer!

That’s me

A few days back, an excessively slow and boring day at work, had left me with little option but to do something online. At the place where I am presently interning, that day only the two partners had come, apart from me. The lawyer who was supposed to assign me work had not showed up, as she was busy with some case at the court. And so here I was, taking the 10 Day You Challenge put up by the site Tumblr. And today, I finally decided to post it. 🙂

I wouldn’t be doing this challenge in 10 days or 10 posts, but rather in this one post today.

So I’ll start with 10 secrets:

#1 I am afraid of the dark. It gives me the creeps.

#2 I am very moody at times and at those instances am not ready to listen to any logic

#3 I like to be pampered a lot

#4 I am a text person more than a call person

#5 I never tell anyone EVERYTHING about myself, even my closest friends

#6 I wish I was born a few decades ago

#7 I am ADDICTED to my phone

#8 I love being with many people (provided I know all of them and am comfortable with all of them)

#9 I still have to figure out what love really means

#10 I have a secret crush no-one except my Bff knows about.

Lovingly on to 9 loves:

#1 my family (obvious)

#2 my friends

#3 Books

#4 Songs

#5 my phone

#6 Internet

#7 Sleep

#8 hanging out with friends

#9 scribbling on paper

Fearfully treading towards 8 fears:

#1 losing someone close

#2 Snakes

#3 Lizards

#4 the concept of ghosts

#5 huge failure

#6 Deep pools (only if i have to jump into them from a height)

#7 Aging

#8 Pain

Wishing ahead to 7 wants:

#1 A world tour

#2 A family which will never have to frown

#3 My secret crush (:p)

#4 A cute baby girl

#5 Lots of pampering

#6 A loving partner

#7 Lots of fame

Have reached 6 places:

#1 Home/ Nanima’s house

#2 Venice

#3 Wellington (India)

#4 Paris

#5 A water park

#6 A beautiful garden (with shade to lie on the grass and walk barefoot)

Eating my way on to 5 foods:

#1 Food nani made (no longer at my disposal)

#2 Mom’s cooking

#3 Plain dosa

#4 Noodles

#5 Soups

Now reading into 4 books:

#1 The Secret

#2 Sons of fortune

#3 The flight of a mockingbird

#4 Bourne series

Watching 3 films now:

#1 Aandhi

#2 Chupke chupke

#3 Rang de basanti

Singing 2 songs:

#1 Aahista

#2 500 miles

And finally, smiling into 1 picture: