A few things

To start with, my blog turned 3 on 14th. Am sorry have been busy with exams. And to compensate for that I am going to give my blog a little gift. This little gift is what my blog has not had for a long time and I believe it to be necessary. You all might have already noticed the gift if you have been here before. Yep, new theme. I wanted it to have a bit more of a simple, classy look. Leo, you worked so much on my last theme, don’t worry I have it all with me, in my system.

And also, two pictures for the wish.

Wish Wishing



To end with, am facing the worst that can happen to a writer. I do not feel like writing these days. There are many reasons to it, one being added very recently. To all the people who like reading what I write, am sorry to keep you waiting. I know exactly what it is like when we wish to read what someone has to write and we don’t get to. Also I hope I am able to put up a proper post here soon.

For now, browse through the categories. You might find something interesting! 🙂

Take care everyone!



A lot of my family members were born in the month of October. My cousin sister(12th), mom (23rd), my dad and sis (25th). This is when I haven’t counted two of my close friends who were also born on the 25th.

So, ya, a lot of Birthdays in this month.

Oh wait, did I say birthDAY, so sorry. It’s actually their birthdates. Their birthday was on the day they were born and it’s never going to come again in any year. Their birthdate, though, comes every year. And still, ALL of us, wish and get wished Happy Birthday.

This shows two things:

1. We don’t at all think consciously before wishing someone… ZERO thought goes when we utter the words/sing the song for someone, even the ones who we really feel for.

2. We are so in the loop with everyone around us that most of our actions (if not all), birthDay being just an example, are acted upon without any brain usage at all.

I say these two because if we all know that a day gone never ever comes back, 12th March 1991 (my BIRTHDAY) is never going to return; What comes every year is 12th March… the date. This shows that we have all the knowledge in our brain, we just don’t use it. Makes me believe the stat that we use only a very small portion of our brain in our life.

So, to all my relatives and friends who have their birthDATE this month, may you always be blessed and a very very Happy BirthDate to you all.

Take care all.

P.S. Don’t just forget this post once you finish reading it…. try living more consciously and next time you go ahead to wish someone, remember it’s not their birthDAY.