Words of a Commanding Officer of the Indian Army – REALITY CHECK for the nation

A CO in the Indian Army recently wrote:-

This is not a post for the weak hearted and Adarsh Liberals so do not go any further if you are out of your comfort zone.
It really pains a soldier’s heart if the blood of his brethren is not adequate to galvanize a nation.

This nation is so ungrateful, the intelligentsia so spineless and intellectual class so bigoted that they will get mobilised by tragedies of Peshawar, Gaza or France. However, they are immune to our own suffering. Why? I will tell you why, because it is fashionable to get associated with a global cause, it makes you look cool, it is easier to talk about it sipping a single malt in a comfortable South Delhi mansion.

I do not condone any of the terror attacks happened anywhere in the world, not even in Pakistan. However, I shall be candid : a terror attack in Peshawar wherein brethren of one enemy is killed by another has very limited relevance for me. I am aware I would be lynched for this statement but I would hold my ground.
Ask anyone who has lifted the coffin of his brother, his comrade, how heavy is the load? It has the dreams of a young wife, it has the future of his children and hopes of his parents. My dear countrymen, it is far heavier than any coffin.

Few of you will also chide me by saying that soldiers are paid to die. No sir, you are entirely incorrect. Soldiers are paid to protect the integrity of the nation. If you want canon fodder, hire mercenaries. This soldier is even denied a decent last journey, his bullet riddled remains are kept in a dilapidated parking yard in Delhi Airport as the ‘designated place’ does not have the security clearance! The same place is opened every Thursday for devotees as there is a Peer Baba located there. Thank the Lord for small mercies that his comrades in OG, will go out of their way to give him a befitting final journey.

His kids and wife are then part of an archaic system where pay stops the next day and pension starts in minimum 4-5 months albeit with arrears. Somebody ask these intellectuals do they even bother to think about a household where there will be no salary for five months but the stomach won’t stop growling, the school fee won’t stop and the electricity bill is still required to be paid.

The average youth of the nation also disappoints here, he is more bothered about mounting losses on Nestle and the two minute gruel. No candlelight march for his soldier, no white cap for his protector. Somehow, misery of Gaza always outshines misery of his own country.

Coming to polity and bureaucracy, the less said the better. If initial reports are to be believed, they are contemplating de-induction of armed forces from the areas where the encounter took place. As a result, the brothers of the slain will be denied even a chance to seek retribution.

Last but certainly not the least, the most disappointing facet, the harbinger of moral compass, the fourth estate, the Media. Death of a soldier doesn’t sell, period. So why even bother.

A soldier is aware of the dangers involved in the life he has chosen. He also understands that every other profession is as important and everybody can not fight.
Just give him dignity when he is alive and mourn for him when he fades away. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.
I would end this note with an anecdote :
Late Lieut Saurabh Kalia who was one of the earliest casualties of the Kargil War did not die of a gun shot wound. When his body was returned by Pakistan, his eyes had been gouged out, his ears and nose had been chopped, his entire body had cigarette and electric current burn marks, and his private parts had been cut and stuffed in his mouth and his mouth was sewn up. He was alive during the entire ordeal.
Try selling the idea of ‘Aman ki Asha’ to his parents who were not allowed to see their son for one last time, try selling it to his comrades who indeed saw the body.
Reconciliation comes easy in a comfortable home, not in an unforgiving bunker.”


A poem

I had to put up something not so cliche’ and normal as a post for my return to blogging. :p

So here’s a poem…. which I am dedicating to my roommate because she is indeed a beautiful girl!!!

A wild flower, rare, beautiful, and surprising.
She stands strong and distinguished amongst the rest.
Her natural yet subtle beauty entrancing,
The clarity of Nature once again is manifest.

The analogy yields to the beauty within,
Visions of an infinitely complex fractal recursion fall short.
All attempts to describe implode before they begin,
Analytically intractable, impenetrable by thought.

Her honest curiosity humbles me.
Through layers of warmth, I see beyond her smile.
Volition and intellectual acuity; a reminder,
She kowtows to no-one, yes I like this girls style.

Thing to do before I die

Seeing a post regarding the same on another blog – here, I decided to make my own list. As this may become extremely boring for those of you who can’t figure out why they should read someone’s wish list (though I love doing it – it tells me a lot about that person), here’s something to motivate you, and this can be done by the others too: Read the list and see how many of these do you share with me. Then let me know how many and which ones as a comment. šŸ™‚

1. Visit my birthplace

2. Visit my ancestral hometown

3. Live apart from my family

4. Learn how to swim

5. Scuba diving

6. Get out of an awkwards situation with “his” family/friends without making a fool of myself.

7. Win a recognized blog award

8. Marry in pomp

9. Get pregnant

10. Have a baby girl

11. Be able to gift my brother his dream bike

12. Build a house for my parents

13. Live in a hill station

14. Learn Salsa and Ball dance

15. Play the keyboard for a large audience

16. Learn oneĀ foreignĀ language well

17. Visit Venice, Paris

18. Be with “him” alone on a beach

19. Win tambola (housie) once

20. Sky diving

21. Raise atleast 3 different pets at the same time

22. Ride in a personal limo

23. Ride in a personal helicopter

24. Take surprise gifts home for everyone

25. Fall head over heals in love

26. Have a bff who knows me better than me myself

27. Get 3 ‘Ace’ while playing ‘teen patti’

28. Cook a whole meal for a huge gathering

29. Forgive all my ‘enemies’

30. Have my name mentioned in a magazine

31. Become very slim

32. Publish my novel

33. Get him to get my name tatooed

34. Tatoo his name

35. Get 1crore viewers here

36.Have a barbeque verandah at home

37. Slap someone hard across the face

38. Get very close to death and come back safe

39. Scream at the peopleĀ unnecessarilyĀ talking in a movie hall

40. Participate in a game show

41. Win a game show

42. Meet Amitabh Bachchan

43. Watch a movie with “him” (my boyfriend and not Big B) in the PVR Gold Class

44. Watch a movie shooting

45. Work in the same town as my bff

46. Be able to buy myself anything my younger sister or younger cousins put a hand on

47. Organize a wedding

48. Cry at my wedding

49. Get pampered without any limits for a week

50. Learn to speak up if I dislike something

51. Be a part of a movie

52. Be able to remove all saas bahu serials from television

53. Watch the old cartoon network again

54. Ā Write my autobiography

55. Write another person’s biography

56.Name a star after him

57. Sponsor a child’s education

58. Spend a whole day with a very small baby, doing nothing else

59. Receive a surprise party

60. Write a time capsule

61. Meet a great author in person

62. See the shooting of a reality show

63. Meet Neil Pattrick Harris

64. Play at a casino in Las Vegas

65. Romantically dance with him in the rain

66. Spend a week with him with no worry of any work or anything else

67. Finish a KFC chickenbucket by myself

68. Eat a red chilli without water

69. Visit Disney Land

70. Laugh so hard I start crying

This list is by no means exhaustive and I will keep adding to it as and when I remember…. but this is my list uptill now. Now that you’ve come this far, do drop by a comment on your own wishlist. šŸ™‚

Dark Beauty

Dark, or black, is considered to be inclining towards the negative side of things. It is often considered to be the ‘opposite’ of white. As white often stands for purity, black is seen to mean impure, though it is not expressly said (mostly), this is how it is taken. ‘The Dark Ages’, ‘Buri nazar wale tera muh kala’ etc. are two of the many examples portraying that this word is taken in the negative sense.
A few simple questions – do colours have opposites? do concepts have opposites? is black really negative?

As much as we may deny it, the term black has stereotypes attached to it. I heard one today itself, “why do you wear black so often? It has negative vibes.” The answer to the question, though, ‘I wear black often because I look slimmer in it’. :p

Moving on, I have the following brief arguments to put forth:
1. Does attributing purity to white attribute impurity to it’s “opposite”?
2. Hypocrites, as we are, in everything, we fail to realize that the definition of white will cease to exist without the definition of black.
3. As my third and final argument, I give you the following PPT. You might contend that the main beauty of the slides come from the lights, but could the lights be this beautiful minus the darkness of the night.
The Beauty Of Night

My arguments/ contentions are in no way exhaustive. It would be great if you all contributed either to my side of the argument or against me.

I just realized (17/11/11) that I had written a post once – The Darker Us – in that I had done exactly what I describe as wrong in this post. That was wrong on my part.

They taught me too

We learn something or the other from everyone around us. My family, my friends, my teachers, and most importantly my “enemies”. They taught me a lot too. It is rightly said that you may take the teachings coming from a friend lightly, but the things enemies teach you, are learnt forever.

Before I move on, I must clarify, enemy here means any person who I am on a less than friendly basis with, someone with whom I have some major disconnect. Some of these are proper fights, while with others it is just a disconnect which has led to unfriendly terms between us.

Today, I am here, writing about what each of these “enemies” has taught me. I have learnt major lessons of my life from these people.

1. My earliest lesson from an enemy came in the 11th standard (I have no memories of enemies before that). She taught me that I should let people make their own mistakes, instead of interfering and trying to tell them what is right.
2. My second lesson came in my first year at college, where I learnt that people’s mindset cannot be changed. Even if you don’t treat them unequally because of ‘social status’, they themselves do. And thus, they act in a lowly way themselves.
From the same person I also learnt that never give anyone in life more importance than the core group (family, true friends and (if applicable) your partner).
3. The third person who taught me in this way is someone with whom I haven’t had a fight per say, we have just drifted apart. She taught me that one should compromise only as much as one is comfortable with. Too much compromising to help others only leads to problems.
4. My latest lesson came from a person who is hell bent on being a good friend when I am no longer interested. Because of some reasons, I am unable to say no to her on her face (I tried, it led to disastrous results, so I had to withdraw my ‘NO’). I learnt from her that it is wrong to make someone dependent on you and let that person be extremely addicted to you. Also, that I am not here to become a mommy to people in this hostel. If they cannot take care of themselves, it is not my duty to take care of them.

So, a big THANK YOU to all these people, for teaching me some lessons that I might never have learnt otherwise. It is truly said that everyone comes into your life for a reason. We may not realize it during their presence and may be hurt by their actions, but it is all needed.

Two experiments together

This time, I’m trying out something I’ve never done before. I’m writing the two parts of this post for two memes of Leo’s blog – I Rhyme Without Reason.

The first is an Acrostic story for It’s Thursday.

while the second is a Haiku forĀ Haiku Heights

Please do not be kind on me and let me know exactly where IĀ falterĀ and where I can improve myself.

Note – Both are absolutely and undoubtedly fiction. šŸ™‚

It’s Thursday:

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. That’s my tale.Ā Until school, life was simple. Then, when I came to college, I came to understand for the first time what politics really meant and what it meant to have power.

Everyone around me suddenly seemed to be conscious of the title and place they held in college. It was only human for me to follow this thought. And so began my journey towards the core of college politics.

Whoever I met, I made sure was happy with me. I made certain that when I reached my final year and stood for elections, people would have no reason not to vote for me. The ones who fell short of cash, got it from my pocket money; this solved most of their demands. The few guys too ugly/disgusting/irritating/undeserving/frustrated to get laid, also got what they wanted. Yes, I had fallen to my lowest, and risen to the highest in politics.

Engrossed in the politics, I even sacrificed my actual aim, that of studying well. I made it to ‘the top’ though. I was made head of the student association in my final year. Looking back, this is where I should have ended this madness, but it was flowing in my blood by now.

Remorse is all I feel today when I look back to my doings in college. I was to my college, what Hitler was to Germany. My friends (more of money or power or both than real emotions) were free to do as they pleased, while my enemies died by the day (some even literally). Today, as I sit in a prison cell for a seven year term that started a month back, I dwell on what I could have been, instead of what I am. Absolute power corrupted me absolutely.


the ghosts of my past
have returned, determined to
haunt me forever

To think of it, not that I planned it like this, the haiku can be an aftermath of the story. Leo, is that your thought behind the two topics, or am I just thinking too much?

Take care everyone.

P.S. I’ll be my own critic – Both these developments on the given word concept are very cliche’. šŸ™‚


I’ve hit a century… finally my 100th post.

For two weeks, this post has been driving me crazy… thinking of how I can make it special.

Yesterday, while on a 24 hour journey from Jodhpur back to my college šŸ˜¦ I realized that I could make it special by just letting it be itself.

So, readers, beĀ preparedĀ for a post which might or might not be completely haywire, for I am going to write this one as and how things come to me.

The Guest Post

This is the first thing that I need to mention. I wrote a guest post for Khoj, and Sub was kind enough to publish it.

It’s a taboo topic. A topic not many people would talk/write about. As Sub has always written in a unconventional manner, I though I’d take up an unconventional topic myself.

You can find the postĀ here.

My best

As this is my century post, I decided to look back a little into the past of Thoughtful Thoughts and put together in one place those posts which I think are my best.

This judgement is not based on:

  • Visits
  • Comments
  • Indi likes
It is wholly and solely based on my opinion. You have to check out numbers 1,3,6,8,14 and 19, if you have not been around before to read these. These are my top 6.
From old to new:
I guess that’s it. Am going to catch some sleep now as sleep was not something that I could get enough of on my train journey.
Take care.