Words of a Commanding Officer of the Indian Army – REALITY CHECK for the nation

A CO in the Indian Army recently wrote:-

This is not a post for the weak hearted and Adarsh Liberals so do not go any further if you are out of your comfort zone.
It really pains a soldier’s heart if the blood of his brethren is not adequate to galvanize a nation.

This nation is so ungrateful, the intelligentsia so spineless and intellectual class so bigoted that they will get mobilised by tragedies of Peshawar, Gaza or France. However, they are immune to our own suffering. Why? I will tell you why, because it is fashionable to get associated with a global cause, it makes you look cool, it is easier to talk about it sipping a single malt in a comfortable South Delhi mansion.

I do not condone any of the terror attacks happened anywhere in the world, not even in Pakistan. However, I shall be candid : a terror attack in Peshawar wherein brethren of one enemy is killed by another has very limited relevance for me. I am aware I would be lynched for this statement but I would hold my ground.
Ask anyone who has lifted the coffin of his brother, his comrade, how heavy is the load? It has the dreams of a young wife, it has the future of his children and hopes of his parents. My dear countrymen, it is far heavier than any coffin.

Few of you will also chide me by saying that soldiers are paid to die. No sir, you are entirely incorrect. Soldiers are paid to protect the integrity of the nation. If you want canon fodder, hire mercenaries. This soldier is even denied a decent last journey, his bullet riddled remains are kept in a dilapidated parking yard in Delhi Airport as the ‘designated place’ does not have the security clearance! The same place is opened every Thursday for devotees as there is a Peer Baba located there. Thank the Lord for small mercies that his comrades in OG, will go out of their way to give him a befitting final journey.

His kids and wife are then part of an archaic system where pay stops the next day and pension starts in minimum 4-5 months albeit with arrears. Somebody ask these intellectuals do they even bother to think about a household where there will be no salary for five months but the stomach won’t stop growling, the school fee won’t stop and the electricity bill is still required to be paid.

The average youth of the nation also disappoints here, he is more bothered about mounting losses on Nestle and the two minute gruel. No candlelight march for his soldier, no white cap for his protector. Somehow, misery of Gaza always outshines misery of his own country.

Coming to polity and bureaucracy, the less said the better. If initial reports are to be believed, they are contemplating de-induction of armed forces from the areas where the encounter took place. As a result, the brothers of the slain will be denied even a chance to seek retribution.

Last but certainly not the least, the most disappointing facet, the harbinger of moral compass, the fourth estate, the Media. Death of a soldier doesn’t sell, period. So why even bother.

A soldier is aware of the dangers involved in the life he has chosen. He also understands that every other profession is as important and everybody can not fight.
Just give him dignity when he is alive and mourn for him when he fades away. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.
I would end this note with an anecdote :
Late Lieut Saurabh Kalia who was one of the earliest casualties of the Kargil War did not die of a gun shot wound. When his body was returned by Pakistan, his eyes had been gouged out, his ears and nose had been chopped, his entire body had cigarette and electric current burn marks, and his private parts had been cut and stuffed in his mouth and his mouth was sewn up. He was alive during the entire ordeal.
Try selling the idea of ‘Aman ki Asha’ to his parents who were not allowed to see their son for one last time, try selling it to his comrades who indeed saw the body.
Reconciliation comes easy in a comfortable home, not in an unforgiving bunker.”



I recently saw this on a site/blog and decided to do the same about me. So here are 26 facts about me:

Atish is the name of my oldest crush (which I remember as a crush).

Bored is what I am for most hours in a day.

Cold-drinks are my biggest temptation.

Dare me to something and watch me defeat you.

Eternal love is my sweetest dream.

Falling in love with my boyfriend is my best memory till date.

Growing old is one of my fears.

Helping others is my biggest weakness.

I love to spend time with babies.

Jokes need to be really new or really good to make me laugh.

Kite flying is something I wish to learn.

Love is my priority #1.

Music soothes me best.

Nothing is more irritating than someone whining for no valid reason.

Old is gold is my motto for song selections.

Paris is my dream honeymoon.

Quite a lot of times, I become emotional too suddenly and without a reason.

Rhyming is not my cup of tea.

Sometimes I just want to be with “him” and nothing else matters.

Thursdays are my favourite days of the week.

Uno is one of my favourite games.

Very rarely do I cry in front of strangers.

Whenever in doubt, I like to call my brother or bff.

X-mas now means being Santa for my younger sis and cousins.

Yelling is something I excel at.

Zebras have always fascinated me.



Yesterday evening, my room fan started to rattle. By 10P.M. it was oscillating. In another ten minutes, it had become so loose that it had stopped working.

Thus started the torture of a fan-less night in my room.  I came to know online that the temperature was as much as 29 degrees last night. It was a nightmare.

Picture clicked out of sheer boredom and frustration.

Both my roommate and I were doing something or the other until sleep literally took over us. And so, when I woke up in the morning, I found myself covered in sweat (This, when I slept in the skimpiest clothes possible).

Having a word with the IP/HP (Institute Hostel Prefect), I came to know that she had suffered the same fate last week.

So, in the style of people who contribute (read are forced to contribute) to breaking news – “College को इसके  बारे  मैं  कुछ  करना  चाहिए. ये  घोर  अन्याय  है  बच्चों  के  साथ. पंखा  गिरना कितना dangerous है  authorities को  समझना  चाहिए. वो  हमारे  emotions और  right to sound sleep को  ऐसा  neglect  नहीं  कर  सकते . ये  उनकी  जवाबदारी  होनी चाहिए.” ( The college should do something abou t this. This is highly unfair. The fan falling is very dangerous, this the authorities should understand. They cannot neglect our emotions and right to sound sleep like this. They are answerable for this.)

Come to think of it, quite a lot of what I just said is reasonable.

Take care all.

P.S. As you must have realized by now, this post is not anything even close to thoughtful thoughts but it’s just about a thought. Hope it wasn’t too disappointing.

The Darker Us

Remember the last time you pointed to a person and commented on his nature? We are forever classifying people on the basis of whether they are good or bad. In real life,though, none of us is completely Harry Potter (the good guy), or Voldermort (the bad guy). We aren’t black or white… we are always grey. Yes, there is a bright side and a dark side, but mostly it’s a mixture of both that is active in us.

So today I am here, writing this post about the darker us.. that part of us which we, along with the others wish never existed, but it does.


Before I move on, I want to let you know the birth of this post. I am at times scared (literally) of my closest friend. This happens whenever I get a peek into his dark side. So, when this topic came up again today, and I did indeed get scared, I decided to write about this to my readers.

This dark side could range from laziness to lying to being judgmental to being a cold blooded murderer. The degrees are varying but all of these are in the same category. My saying that I am lazy but at least not a druggie or murderer is not justifiable. I can’t possibly hide my faults behind others’, even if they are darker than mine.

I ask us all today (including myself), do we know our darker side? Think before saying yes or no. And let’s not answer the question as simply as yes or no, it’s much bigger than that. If we don’t know our dark side, why is it so… have we never tried or have we tried and are not ready to accept it. (Non acceptance also falls on that side of the classification). And if we do, are we doing anything to come out of it?

Having said that, none of us can ever be completely out of our dark sides. The black has to exist for the existence of the white. That is the law of nature, one exists only as long as the other.  (But more on that in some other post, some other day). The best we can do, is to know our darker selves and try and reduce their impact on our lives.

I leave with the hope that we will all introspect into ourselves and answer ourselves. The external world never needs answers, it is always ourselves who need to be answered.


P.S. Feedback is always welcome with open arms. Positive feedback will make me happy, and negative feedback will make me improve.

Take care.

Just Like That

This one, is just a small question to those few people who come across my blog.

If you were to ask someone a question you wanted an answer to, for your peace of mind, which would hurt more – the answer you dreaded hearing OR no answer at all.

And when I say no answer, it’s not for any reason of ‘not hurting you’ etc etc, that the person doesn’t answer… the reason behind the lack of an answer is “Just like that”. It does not suit the whims and fancies of the receiver of your question to answer.

Which would you rather choose?

Love and Forgiveness

How can these two words, love and forgiveness change your whole perspective on life? First, you must put your trust in something bigger than yourself. You may call it God, Spirit, Budda, whatever your faith is, trust that it has a bigger plan (could it be a lesson in forgiveness?) than your everyday troubles. What is the most important lesson you can learn while here on earth? Love and Forgiveness. But how do you get to the Lovepart if you have hatred in your heart? Forgive. It sounds so simple and yet it can be the most difficult thing that you can do in this lifetime.

You were wronged or someone betrayed you, how can you let that go? Forgive. Forgive and it will set your heart free. Here are some steps that can get you there. Feel your anger, feel your sadness, feel whatever it is you need to get all those emotions out, write it down and then throw it away. Give yourself a certain timeframe in which you will no longer continue to go on with those emotions. Now comes the hard part, trying to convince yourself that the other person deserves to be forgiven. Every time this hurt comes into your heart, say to yourself “I forgive “name” for what they have done”. Every time you start to go over the scenario, and start to get angry or sad, instead replace it with “I forgive “name” for what they have done”. You might not believe what you are saying at first. But sending that message out into the universe will eventually help break the chain of black energy that links you together with an invisible line of hate.

Hopefully it will hit you one day. You can let it go, the hate, the anger, the betrayal, how you were wronged and in a peaceful loving moment truly feel that forgiveness. The best possible way to break the chain of hate that connects you by an invisible link, is to stand and face this person and truly believing and feeling in your heart what you are about to say to them. “No matter what you have done to me, I forgive you” It is truly disarming, and can break that link that binds you. That’s it! It may be a long and hard task to get to that one simple line.

What does it feel like? Once you have set each other free, your heart feels lighter, you have an overwhelming feeling of peace. You suddenly understand it all, the reason you are here, the lessons that you need to learn while on this earth plane. You will never be the same, because in every situation you can begin to feel compassion, humility and gratitude toward your fellow travelers here on earth. You can LOVE again. You are a radiant being moving forward in life.

Be Well.