My inspirations for my life in general are:

  • Mom, Dad
  • Maternal grandparents
  • Paternal grandfather
  • Harshit
  • Anil
  • Partha
  • Arnav
  • Ritvik

These are in no particular order. Just randomly named.

My inspirations for this blog are:

Last but in no way the least, are you readers who by coming here inspire me to keep this blog alive and working.

10 thoughts on “Inspirations

  1. Hey Jojo!!!

    I am obliged and I was wondering if I really have the strengths, persona and gr88 writing skills to inspire a young writer like you.

    I actually have to keep blogging and producing quality article and poems, so that someone who reaches my blog through this inspiration page, does not get disappointed.

    Thank you so much for elevating me to this higher level and I will strive my best to live such expectations.

    1. Of course you really deserve it… no doubt in that!
      You do have to keep blogging, i believe, but for yourself. It’s an art done with the heart and not forcefully. 🙂

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