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My dear readers… Oh, chuck the formality! :p

Hey everyone, I have a happy sad news for all. I am off tomorrow evening on a short break (thus the title) to meet my cousins as college has a long chutti (vacation). I’ll be returning on Sunday Evening and my next post will most probably be on Monday. Sorry for all my challengers who will have to wait. Sorry to the people who have their interviews pending. And finally sorry to all others who read this little space of mine.

I will definitely miss blogging, blog surfing and all my dear blog friends and blog best friends.

But I cannot lie, am super excited to meet my two precious little cousins. Here is a pic of them taken a few months back.

Miss me na… and comment and tell me how much you will… :p (Am so optimistic and demanding)…… 🙂 Take care everyone.


Being watched

Whenever I think of the movie ‘Bhoothnath”, the only thing i do remember is the scene in which the kid is told that his grandfather watches over him from the stars.

Recently, the expert challenger and challenge handler, Leo, gave me this challenge, to write on “She watches over me”, on my ‘Challenge Accepted‘ page.

When I lost my maternal grandmother, it was something that took forever to sink in. I guess it still isn’t there yet. I remember, after around three weeks of her passing away, I stood on the terrace of my hostel, looking at the sky, and though I know it was my imagination, I saw her face in the clouds. It was as if she wanted me to know she is there, she is safe.

Then a few months ago came another hit, I lost my other granny too. To be very honest, in the moment I came to know of it, I lost myself for a while. I remember screaming on my brother on the phone, remember being lost as to what to do, remember calling up someone to talk, remember being met by a few batch mates.. but still it is all a blur.

Even then, when I stood alone, I felt she was around. I have repeatedly been told I think so because I want to, because I am not ready to accept that they are gone forever.

Yesterday night I stood on my terrace and asked for them to come, to be seen, felt. Call me crazy, but I dreamt of them too. In this dream, i saw snippets of my memories with them both, blurred together… tangled, confused.

Today, when I do something good, it is not my parents, or siblings, my boyfriend, or best friends that come first to mind. It is them, and my maternal grandmother even more so. I like to believe they guide me, and my subconscious which makes my decisions is actually them.

On a lonely night, or when I feel low, I stand under the open sky and talk to them. I wish I could have a conversation, but that is now not possible. I curse those times when I had a chance to tell them what they meant to me, and I let it slide.

They have left, but are around somewhere. From where they are, they watch over me. And I am grateful to them for it.

Have I told you, whenever I think of the movie ‘Bhoothnath’, I am reminded of just one scene.

बस यूँ ही (jlt)

एक कविता यूँ ही:

जब भी तुम्हे ढूँढने चली, हाथ लगी तो सिर्फ निराशा,
जानती हूँ तुम मेरे नहीं, फिर भी है इक पगली सी आशा.
तुम्हे पता है सब कुछ, फिर कभी बोलते क्यूँ नहीं,
मेरी ज़िन्दगी में अपने प्यार का रंग, घोलते क्यूँ नहीं?
बैठी हूँ तुमसे दूर, चाहती हूँ पास आना,
तुम्हारी ऐसी कोई चाह नहीं, यह भी मैंने जाना.
एक आवाज़ तो लगा के देखो, आयुंगी दौड़ के,
यह झूठा जो संसार बुना है, पीछे छोड़ के.
तुम्हारे बारे में सोचूं तो निशब्द हो जाती हूँ,
तुम्हारे ख्यालों में मानो खो सी जाती क्यूँ?
आज फिर हुआ यूँ की भटक सी गयी,
ख्वाबों में तुम्हारे अटक सी गयी.
जब भी तुम्हे देखती हूँ अपने आँगन में,
तितलियाँ सी उड़ने लगती हैं मन में.
तुम्हारे करीबी दोस्तों में से मैं शायद नहीं,
पर क्या आती हूँ किसी भी गिनती में कहीं?
जो डोर तुमने पकड़ी ही नहीं, मुझे बांधे है क्यूँ,
ये बावरा दिल मेरा, तुम्हे चाहे है क्यूँ?

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Naked walk

The naked walk – That’s my latest challenge (13th in total) from Leo. This challenge asks me to write down my experience if being on a crowded street, I were to realize that I was buck naked, and if my destination was far off.

Before I move on to the answer, let me tell you the ways in which I thought I could bypass the real issue:

  • “crowded” – not necessarily awake people or even crowded by people at all
  • it could end as a nightmare
  • get a lift from someone (that would be damn easy)


But after some time I decided to take the challenge head on… i don’t give him very conventional challenges, so why should I run away from an unconventional topic. One last thing.. from the next paragraph the post will be my thoughts as the realization dawns and till the time I reach my destination.



“Chalo college over, heading back home now, the swimming lesson in the last period was fun.

This is the last auto stand on my way and it is empty, should I wait or walk…. I’ll walk.

Oh god, so much homework for tomorrow, will have to start as soon as I reach home.. Have to ask mom about the reservation for next month also… Aarakshan was a nice movie, they should make more such ones…. Big B…….” (Chain Thoughts).

The market is here, means I am 1/4th of the way through. Why are all these people staring? Is it because my hair is still wet from the pool? But why is that such a big issue? Let me see, is there something on my shirt? HOLY S**T… where are my clothes? Bloody hell, what is going on?…. Wait, after the swimming class, while I was in the shower, I hurried up as I heard the bell meaning that the gates were closing. I had been the last to start showering… and then I had run out……. Oh Crap… I forgot my clothes in the changing room.

I should go back and get them… this is damn awkward… or I can enter a shop and buy some clothes… but my wallet was in my jeans pocket… they will give poor me some clothes… but they must be thinking I am some mad women or else a pervert.. What the hell should I do?

The best thing is to proceed home, as the college would be locked by now… s**t, I only hope no-one recognizes me… should I run home? Oh no no… running in this state is a BAD decision. I’ll better walk briskly, while covering as much as possible with my hands. Everyone is staring. I so wish this is a real seeming nightmare.

Should I ask someone for lift? But the men will misunderstand me.. I’ll ask a woman driver. There is one, let me ask her. Oh she sped away seeing me. I can’t blame her, I do look abnormal.. what to do?

I should focus less on thinking and more on reaching home as soon as possible.

Once this market ends, I’ll take the side route through the woody area… it’s scary but not scarier than this.

Finally the market is over, now to turn right and escape to home… oh crap! it’s getting dark… this area is very scary… not a single soul here…. except if snakes have souls (:p) .

Now that there are no humans around, I should definitely run….. nearly there… but how do i enter my society like this… I will never be able to face any of my neighbours ever again. I’ll wait till it’s night and everyone is in their homes… oh come on! did I have to get so thirsty right now… I guess I will just hide my face and run through the gates… no-one recognizes me by my body anyway…. s**t, the keys… I will have to go to the landlords…. i just hope the lady opens the door….. fingers crossed….. oh thank God you opened the door Mrs V…. don’t please ask what all this is, just get me anything to put on and the spare keys…. i’ll return both tomorrow morning….. it’s a long story, please some other time… i know it is embarrassing…. thank you so much.


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3 reasons to celebrate

I am feeling so honoured right now! I came back online after a week today and was flooded with comments, high number of visitors and most specially 3 awards (2 awards and 1 tag). It really has left me speechless. As I have a lot of blog catching up to do today anyway, I am going to mention all 3 here together and also follow all rules… so be ready for a long post!


The Liebster Blog Award given to me by MyDearU…Thank you so so so much….. 🙂

Here it is :

As pointed out by her, Liebster means dearest and so I now have to pass this award to 5 of the dearest blogs I know…. tricky, but here goes :

Finally the Rules of this Award :

  • Thank the Blogger Friend who awarded this to you.
  • Link back to the above dear friend.
  • Post the award on ur blog.
  • Pass on this award to 5 more blog buddies.
  • Inform them of the Award by leaving a comment on their blog.


The Sunshine Award, given to me by Sunil.. Thanks a ton for this.

Here is the award :

Following are the rules of the award:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

As for my answers, here they are:

  1. Favourite colour – Black
  2. Favourite animal – Pups
  3. Favourite number – 7
  4. Favourite non-alcoholic drink – Ice tea
  5. Facebook or twitter – Facebook
  6. Passion – Writing and reading
  7. Getting or giving presents – Giving, specially to young kids
  8. Favourite pattern – Check
  9. Favourite Day of the Week – Saturday
  10. Favourite flower – Roses

The difficult part again… nominating 10 to 12 blogs. Well, here goes:


I was tagged by Cognitive Amalgamation for this tag.

Here are the rules:

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you’ve done so.
Rule#4: Don’t tag anyone who’s been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others; don’t go all ”if you want to take this tag”.
So here are 11 things about me :
  1. I love to keep altering my playlist everyday.
  2. At times I am a demanding stubborn idiot, my friends have learnt/ have to learn to love with it.
  3. I am a hopeless romantic and expect the same from my other half
  4. I cry a lot at sentimental writings or movies if they really touch my heart
  5. I can watch some movies like Chupke Chupke many times in a single day
  6. I would love to have twin children
  7. The thought of death of anyone close to me freaks me out to the extent of a breakdown
  8. I really wish I could turn back time and tell both my grandmothers how much they meant to me
  9. I am still a small child basically and people close to me see that in ample
  10. I am not a chocolate crazy girl as much as I am a ice tea crazy person.
  11. I am never really done thanking people around me who have done something for me.

Now to answer the asked questions:

  1. What am I passionate about? – Writing and reading
  2. Cinema and Politics, what do they mean to me? – Both are hyped and both need to know and perform their real role
  3. One good thing I want to happen in India for the people, long -term? – Changing into a Presidential form of government
  4. One good thing that I want to happen for myself, long term? – Always stay in the same city as my parents
  5. One good thing that I want to happen to myself, short term? – Do well in college
  6. A frank thing I want to say about one of the bloggers here? – Hemant – Write more with your heart than brain
  7. Belief in God? – Not really
  8. One thing I would surely do to uplift this poor country? – Stop talking and start working
  9. One secret about you? – I hate formal talks that have to be done with a smile… be it anyone
  10. Do I hold any regrets in life? – Quite a few
  11. Adventure, if any, in life : let’s count? – I define adventure as the everyday – so number  = approx. 8040

The 11 people I would like to tag :

  1. Hemant
  2. Sunil
  3. Subrashis
  4. Varsha
  5. Vinay
  6. Rahul
  7. Ankit
  8. Tuhina
  9. Nitin
  10. Chetan
  11. Vineet

The questions are:

  1. What do you think would be the best form of government for India?
  2. One frank suggestion to me as a blogger?
  3. Cold or Hot Beverage?
  4. Living in the present or living for the future?
  5. Life’s worst tragedy?
  6. Coulored pictures or black and white?
  7. Summer or winter?
  8. A father/mother or a son/daughter… which would you rather be?
  9. How much does a person’s company define him/her?
  10. Emotional pain – all at once or in portions?
  11. The least recognized but very deserving blogger around you?

Phew!!! Long post….. but Thanks again to everyone for the recognition.

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This is what the reality of a virtual (unreal) world is…. atleast according to the movie matrix.

This is about a challenge from Animesh.. my 12th challenge… to write about a friend I have known virtually… online.. and not in “real”. And yes, all online friends are accidental…. 🙂

I am going to be mentioning two very close friends here : Rahul and Vinay(Leo). The former I came to know through chat rooms while the latter through blogging. I was pleasently surprised by this challenge as these two people I just mentioned are my closest friends.

Starting with Rahul, he is my “all-in-one”. Have mentioned about him in an earlier post “here“, but let me elaborate. He’s that kind of friend who is my punching bag, crying shoulder, and the person who I tell absolutely Every damn thing about my day, and hopefully vice versa. We haven’t met yet but I am closer to him than Any friend of mine who I have met/ keep meeting.  He’s on speed dial and it’s come to a level where even when my phone slips from my hand and falls, that speed dial gets called (true incident). He’s the one I call at night if I have a bad dream. He’s the person I am a complete baby with. He treats me as if i am no older than 2 years old and that is because with him I am as stubborn as a 2 year old. He started his blog as a surprise gift for me, and now I force him to write because it would help improve his communication skills. We don’t have a single day when we don’t fight much worse than cats and dogs. However, our fights are yet to last for more than an hour. I really wonder what it will be when we meet as we are already as good friends as friends can be. Oh, and ya, he helped me name my teddies also. :p

Coming to the second and new friend, Vinay a.k.a Leo; Let me start with Leo, as some of you are familiar with him. He’s an absolutely outstanding writer and poet. His blog has the charm to captivate. And he never gives up on a challenge. He has a page just like mine where he accepts ‘inspirations for his art“. You should drop by and give him a challenge or two, just like me, he loves them.  Apart from this he writes on various prompts and also runs Haiku Heights and Thursday Tales. In all, he’s a writer you wouldn’t want to miss.   Now to Vinay. He’s a sensitive person, who gets affected emotionally. Having said that, he is a very brave guy to have gone through gracefully where many would have faltered. He can make me laugh at any point, however low I feel, by funny statements or hilarious actions. He is one of the few people who can make fun of my weight and I don’t mind.  I am getting to know him more and more with our chats and I am really happy I have him as a friend. We have a lot of plans to eat this, that and the other when we meet as there are many dishes there that I have never had and vice versa.

Both these friends have a very important place and I am a proud friend when it comes to these two.

May you both always be blessed.

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Ok people. something died!
And now its suddenly looking like it was a false alarm. So its back….

What am i talking about? Am referring to a blog I had made some time ago, about imperfect love… love being perfect in it’s imperfections…. I killed it in a short time… but now, with the help of a good friend and brilliant writer, Leo, it’s back to life. So do see it here.. and let me know what you think of it……. ( I am purposefully not talking about it, as I wish for you to see it yourself).

That’s all for now! See you later all.

P.S. As this is more of a notification than a post, the normal ideas I apply to a post have been skipped. :p