Changing Understandings

As a teenager and a young adult, I used to frown at the idea that we change a lot over time. To my naive mind we did not change as people. I could see no major changes from one day to another so no major changes could have happened at all, right? I know better … Continue reading Changing Understandings

Selling Fear

Fear is an extremely potent tool. We know enough about how politics power equations use it. I'm sure a million examples have popped up into your head already. Today, let's talk not of those examples but of how wherever you are being sold a peroduct or service, how, more often than not, they sell it … Continue reading Selling Fear

MY truth, therefore THE truth?

What is perception? Who is the owner of the right perspective? It is said that to all arguments/ conflicts there are 3 sides - mine, yours, and the truth. Most of us have heard this, understood this, and as a third person observer maybe even preached this. Have we lived it yet in our own … Continue reading MY truth, therefore THE truth?

Each their own

Ritu arrives at work at her regular time of 8am. She meets Arnav, her immediate boss. Ritu: "Hi Arnav. The report you sought is ready and at your desk." Arnav: "Thank you Ritu. I shall get back to you regarding this tomorrow." This is the extent of their conversation on that day. One thing needs … Continue reading Each their own

Understanding myself

I recently talked (here) of the new journey that I have embarked on. I also believe how I've made two great friends and am settling in. As time passes, I slowly gravitate to carving a new comfort zone for myself in this initially alien place. I have had a little time in the past few … Continue reading Understanding myself

Three nought three

Born to a happy family To a generation of street cricket and TV Injected with Coercive Morality while still fantasising a swim in the sea   Vision of my father's chest swell with pride Erratic Advices, Some Rushed Choices made me enlist for the War as my mother cried Slept dreaming of solving the nation's … Continue reading Three nought three