MY truth, therefore THE truth?

What is perception? Who is the owner of the right perspective?

It is said that to all arguments/ conflicts there are 3 sides – mine, yours, and the truth. Most of us have heard this, understood this, and as a third person observer maybe even preached this. Have we lived it yet in our own conflicts?


An object, inherently, has no colour. All it has is a property to reflect and absorb certain parts of the spectrum of white light and the reflections we see become our reality of the colour of the object. To a colour blind person, the same apple can look very different. Here the regular viewer will insist his/ her reality of the colour is the correct one and the other person is disabled. Let us now compare this spectrum the regular human eye can see to the proven spectrum with 12 receptors of a mantis shrimp, compared to the 3 the humans use. So if a mantis shrimp could talk, the regular human would become the disabled species.


But this is about animals and humans; between humans, your viewpoint is the truth, right?


Tell me this,

  • Is it more mature to resolve or avoid a conflict given its depth?
  • Is flight more sensible always or fight?
  • Is the person making more gestures the more romantic one always?
  • Is you boss not appreciative enough since the reward/ acknowledgment system doesn’t fit your liking?
  • Is your friend less involved as their ideas of a day well spent differ from yours?
  • Is your partner not reciprocal to you as your gestures are not made for you?

Our reflex answer to all the questions is, “It depends on the situation”. Easiest way out. Pick a situation and tell me how you have believed/ not believed these for yourselves.

Remember, what to you is a girl spinning clockwise, to me is a girl spinning anti-clockwise. Tell me now still how you are right here?


Your thoughts are as precious as mine... do share some

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