Each their own

Ritu arrives at work at her regular time of 8am. She meets Arnav, her immediate boss.

Ritu: “Hi Arnav. The report you sought is ready and at your desk.”

Arnav: “Thank you Ritu. I shall get back to you regarding this tomorrow.”

This is the extent of their conversation on that day.

One thing needs to known here, these two together gave birth a child last year, who immediately after birth, was taken into care by the government authorities.

Now before you read more into their conversation than is there, know this.

Here there are pragmatic systems only. Two people who are suited to procreate given their gene pool, do so. All children are children of the state.

There is no before or after emotions in sex or otherwise. This is a world without friends, lovers, parents, siblings et al.

The whole system is run by those in the administration of the government. Houses, education, healthcare are all matters of government and thus similar for all.

In this world without relationships, there exist no weekends. Since people have little to do beyond work, they decide the day of the week they wish to finish their chores or wish to rest and take that day off.

The economy in this world is very different too. No malls, no shopping centers, no fancy days and no concept of buying for the other. Until the age of 18, the government institutions provide for a person and thereafter they do so for themselves.

Telephones are used only for work and thus the mobile phone has not been invented. Each area had a designated shop for essentials and it suffices for all.

There are no television or radio here as news is relayed by word of mouth and since no relationships exist there is no attachment to news about others.

Also, the justice system is very limited as lack of relationships leads to way fewer crimes. Property is never something to have but just government leased houses are lived in and thus, there is hardly any crime and punishment system needed.

The healthcare and education systems are primal as no one has thought of those after or beyond them to develop the same.

All in all, the world is very different from the one we live in.

Would you like to be a part of it?

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