Can’t get this off my mind

I have written about this more than twice already, and yet I am unable to get this off my mind. How can I, when everyday the newspaper reminds me of it in abundance.

I challenge somewhere here, in India, to find a paper of the capital, Delhi, of any recent date, that has not reported a rape case.

  • 3 year old raped in day care centre
  • 9 year old raped in school
  • 15 minors raped in the last two months
  • Another girl gang-raped in auto in capital

These are news items of the last 4 days, not necessary in order. And what are we doing, lighting candles or announcing on TV and Radio that we need to bring a change. Where is the change since 16th December? Has anything changed AT ALL? I have my doubts.

Some of my friends say that the rape situation is indeed getting BETTER as atleast now girls are coming out and reporting the cases. I agree, to an extent, and yet again I ask, is that what this should be about? How many cases are reported? Should it not be about how many cases there are? Should we feel proud of the increasing number of reported cases or should we wait (hopefully not endlessly) for a time when the reported cases are 100% of the actual cases and yet they are less in number than at present?

Today, I wish to share a video which had gone viral on facebook a few weeks back. Watching that video may have made us all think of how appropriate it is, but for how long?

Mombatiyan Jalane se kuch nahi hoga mere bhai, kuch nahi badalne yahan pe, apne dimag ki batti jalao

10 thoughts on “Can’t get this off my mind

  1. things are changing but at a very slow rate .. mombatiyyaan jalaane se toh kuch nahi hoga .. we got to something .. but question is we all say we got to do something but nobody takes the responsibility!

    1. I agree with you rahul that we just say and do not do, but tell me this, what do we do that is actually effective and effective soon enough to be visible.
      Joining politics and the system is a solution, but how practical is it, given that none who are new into the field have any say whatsoever due to all other political evils.
      Where is the solution?

  2. So true Janhvi.. There is nothing else in TV or newspaper. Only rape, rape and more rape. Its just same all over India. And just see the age of “kids” who get rapped. I dont know where are we heading to..

  3. Well, I understand your frustration Janhvi…it’s gonna take a long time for things to change because we (society) take a lot of time to accept anything in different pattern. Some quick change can happen if some changes are made in current laws to handle this; but again…that’s taking its own sweet time to move….

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