Before I write anything, let me tell you it is taking a lot of self control on my part to not scream this post out or to not use abusive language. I really want to do both these things.

What do you see? A depressed woman? What I see is the condition of the ten cases I have read of in the newspaper in the last ten days, one of them of a 5 year old girl. Here’s a picture of a 5 year old girl who was raped and murdered.

This kid was penetrated by a man before she was murdered. Does that wake anyone up? We are ALL so indifferent to all that happens around us….. 10 days, 10 news about girls getting raped is NOT normal or digestible for me at least.

Or has rape become such a norm that we see the news, shake our heads in disgust and then that is it. This SHOULD affect you. If it does not, you are just not human.

This is the present situation and while you may nod your head and say “that’s how the world is today“, I want each one of you to close your eyes for half a second and think of yourself/your sister/mother/daughter/wife/gf/best friend being the one named in the next news article. Is the above picture still OK?

For all of you this is maybe the 100th time someone is saying this, and this will be given as much importance as the last 99 times.. but seriously WAKE UP. At a time when our National Leaders are saying, “It is not only in Haryana but all over India“, if you don’t wake up, you’ll be dead.

I don’t want to hear you say it is not happening around you. I don’t want to hear you say that you have never been remotely close to being able to do anything. I want you all to have the bloody guts to take action if and when needed. Don’t run out, because the others will too some day. 

It’s easy to think that it will never happen to you or anyone you know. Just remember all these women and their families thought the same way until it did happen.

If you can send a million messages of one word each every-day with this cellphone that you have, calling up 100 for half a minute should not be such a problem. If you see something suspicious, make that call. Even if nothing turns out to be wrong, YOU WILL NOT BE PUT BEHIND BARS for caring. Trust me on that.

There are two ways you can wake up to this: One, right now, before anything has happened and Two, after it hits you in the face in the form of that tragedy.

Also, this is NOT just about rape and crime against women. It is about anything and everything. The reason I took up rape is because the news items are just too many to ignore.

It’s your choice to nod on this, leave a comment of agreement and forget about it OR to remember it irrespective of whether you nod or not, or whether you comment or not.

It is nice to have a 1 week intense feeling after RDB released or cases like Jessica came to light. But our feelings die down even before these things are removed from the hall/TV.

We ARE that indifferent, so the question here is, Are We going to change? All ‘WE’ starts with “ME‘, so you change before you think of how many others will.

2 thoughts on “Indifferent

  1. 8 likes, wow, but no comments.İ think many of them are not aware about rape or women abuse .All we have family ,relatives ,friends but when it comes to protest ,we get no body behind us. Why ?You are right, we don’t have guts to fight against this type of crime.İ would like to say that Each and Every person should know about their own responsibility towards our Society that’s all.

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