So, I’ve been tagged again. This time by the supposed ‘no tag no awards’ blogger ‘Leo‘ :p. He decided to accept the tag and has tagged me and put me in a real fix. This is because the questions that come with this tag need a lot of introspection of my blog, and who likes to rate their own child. But, the needful has to be done.


1. My most beautiful post – This is so hard, simply because I feel many of my posts are beautiful in their own league. However, if I still just had to choose one post, I believe it would ‘My story‘. This post is the story of an unwanted child. I label it as my most beautiful because till date, I believe this is the one post, that has been able to stir emotion into me every time I read it.

2. My most popular post – In terms of visits this answer would have been different, but I do realize that most of those visits have been not due to what I wrote but simply due to the topic. So i would rate this on the basis of highest comments.. ‘What comes when the worst is over‘. This was a post about the social outlook and the after-life of a survivor of the heinous act of rape.

3. My most controversial post – There is a post, which I knew would stir a reaction even before I posted it. Though the reaction and opposition was much tamer than I expected, it was there nonetheless. and therefore the most controversial post of mine would have to be ‘A little standpoint on God‘.

4. My most helpful post – This is a tricky one, as i doubt I have ever written from the point of view of helping someone. However, if i broadened my perspective and looked at it in a way so as to see which post of mine has been most understood and related to, it would have to be the post ‘Generalize‘.

5. A post whose success surprised me – This one is not so hard to decide. When I was writing this particular post, it had never struck me that this post would be read by the number of people that actually did. The post in mention here is ‘FULKA 2011′

6. A post i feel did not get the attention it deserved – Though with time I have realized that a post does sooner or later get the attention it deserves, and if it does not get too much attention maybe the deserving in only in my hear. Having said that, there is a particular post that I feel was deserving, at least based on how I was as a writer when I wrote it, and that is ‘Split Personality – in modern times‘.

7. A poem I am proud of – I hardly ever write poems, and therefore when I do, everyone of them is, for me, something to be proud of. However, I do feel that one of the recent poems I wrote, has impressed me, if none else. Someone I know pointed out that i had lost the essence of the poem in my attempt to make it rhyme, but I believe as an amateur poet, I am allowed that. The poem is ‘ bas yun hi (just like that)‘.


Now, comes the other part, and that is to tag 5 people who I would like to see take up this tag.

1.  From the heart, for the hearts

2. Pages Off Life

3. Penning down the mind

4. Kismitoffeebar

5. Meera’s Musings

I would request all 5 to please take up the tag as would love to see them introspect on their blogs.

10 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Janhvi,

    You had misgivings about doing this tag thanks to all the introspection and yet you passed it along to me. Hmph!! Chalo, I will do this. I have been wondering what to write about for the longest time. This gives me at least one post to put out there. Thank you!!

  2. Wow!!

    Loved this tag..kinda different than the usual ones which you see on other blogs..am rushing to read all your lovely posts mentioned by you as I seem to have missed some of them. Though no one likes to rate their own child but it is us who knows it completely in and out and hence are the best judge for them too 😉

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