Big day

So it’s your 25th b’day, and I thought I’ll write you 25 lines for this day! (This was 1)

To Vinay, the friend and guide in the blogging world;
To Leo, the blogger to always look up to and admire;
To the many things you taught me in this blogosphere;
To the confidence you gave me to write poems and haiku;
To the trust you showed in me by including me in BBB;
To the changes you got in my blog through your ideas;
To the smiles you gave me during chats;
And to you as a whole package;

Happy Birthday Vinay/Leo;

On this special day for you, the government went ahead and imposed a message rule;

and the electricity suppliers here seems to be a fool;

I just pray that you had a wonderful day and a year ahead;

And you are smiling everyday when you go to bed;

Looks like I’m even rhyming here;

This confidence is because of your care;

Let’s see now what’s left;

Oh haiku remains for now;

Let me put that too;

And how can I forget the new life you gave;

to my blog in coma – Blemished Love;

There are a million thank you that are due;

but you won’t get any as of now;

because friends don’t say thank you!

And this is the last line!!!! :p

15 thoughts on “Big day

  1. Well, I kinda replied to Jo directly, and missed the commenting part 😛

    Thank you to all (except Jo) for the wishes 🙂 It was a good day.

    Jo, that was one of the bestest birthday wishes anyone has given me. 🙂 You rock. 😀

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