The Last Letter

From far-away, at the border, a soldier writes to his beloved, a letter….

Dear Sunita,

Your love is the best thing that has happened in my life. All throughout this war, it’s your love that has kept me going, but I fear tonight, that this battle might be my last. My darling, this shall be my last letter to you. Goodbye. God bless you.

Yours for ever,

and his beloved’s reply was thus:

Dear Harshit,

Your heart is safe with me, so fight with valor when you enter the battlefield, but try not to be so melodramatic. I shall wait for you, with pride. I remember what you said to me. If you mention it’s your last letter, it means you will be home soon.

Yours always,

This post has been written for my team, The Bengaluru Bloggers’ Bistro as part of the IBL – the Battle of Blogs, sponsored by Join in at the official website and the page on Facebook at

16 thoughts on “The Last Letter

  1. Went unmarked, but that’s a good thing 😉 I loved this to the core and it was a beautiful letter and reply. Fun to be on the same team as you 😀

  2. Between I got one small doubt. He tells her that this is his last letter to her and so does the title says but I dont understand …who will read her reply ?

    1. There’s a lot to be read in there… see her reply… what does she understand ‘last letter’ to mean! And in the army letters are sent to wherever you are, so the letter would reach him even if he is at a station midway home (if at all)

  3. Wow….such positivity…loved it!

    The first letter makes you feel all sad about the end but the other part is so hopeful it brings a smile on your face 🙂

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