Un-named son

This particular challenge from Leo had me thinking a lot. The topic ‘ Speak from the voice of an aborted boy (fetus)’.

It has kept me wondering what could I write that has not already been written. The topic was even more challenging as writing about an aborted girl is easier as there is a lot of info out there already to form ideas.

So, to write this challenge, I am going to make an assumption, and that is of the one child rule being applicable. For those not aware of this, this law states that each couple can only have one child.  This policy is followed presently in China as a means of population control! However, my story is not based in China, but is general in nature.



Dear mom and dad,

This is my letter from heaven to both of you. I want to tell you that I have reached here safely and that you should now take care of yourselves. When I reached here, I was introduced to many girls who are like me, they were never given a chance to be born.

I know mom when I was a part of you, you used to think I could have been a gentleman. What I did today was not the behaviour of a gentleman and I am sorry. When these girls told me that they had been killed before birth so that a boy could be born, I laughed very loudly in front of them. I did not mean to laugh at them, but it is how they concieved it.

You must be knowing dad why I was laughing. I laughed because in my case, something very different happened. The difference was that for me, the reason was not any stigma attached to my gender but the law of the land. Once when I was a part of you mom, I remember you reading a book that said “Law is a means to impart justice to all”. So where is my justice mom and dad?

The law forbids you from having more than one child. Then why conceive me at all? How is the law fair that I am already a living being and then am killed. Should they not have made an exception for me as I was already living inside you?

The elders from our land here tell me that there are no exceptions in law, and that my wanting to be an exception is kiddish. But that’s who I am, your kid. Why did you kill me?

You could have given birth to me and given me to someone else who did not have a child. It would have been painful for me to part from you but it would have been better than death. Did that not strike you both?

Again I am told that you may not have wanted to get into the legal hassles of explaining a second child and then putting me up for adoption. Also it would have been painful for you to give me away as by then I would be a human being with emotions. But was I not so when you killed me?

What kind of a law is this that is superior to human lives? I thought the law was for us and it was not the other way around. Please mom and dad, tell everyone around you to not do what you did to me.

Tell them to be careful not to get pregnant if they do not want a baby. And if the lady does, please don’t kill the baby like you killed me. There are other ways. Respect the law but also respect our lives please.

I am fine here now. I have many friends who are my age and are here for many reasons. The luckiest ones are those who are a little elder than me and who at least met their parents and knew what the joy of it was. They say we are luckier as we never developed that bond which once broken is even more painful. I think it is just perspective.

I am able to say so many intelligent things because as you know, both my grandmothers are here. When they saw me enter heaven they recognized me and since then they have talked to me a lot.

Give a lot of love to my elder sister. And I love you all.

Your unnamed son.

10 thoughts on “Un-named son

    1. Ghazala said it right.. 🙂 You took it up, and with a little bit of Chinese help, aced it 😉

      Could imagine the letter, and what the boy would say.. and a plus point was that you mentioned he had an elder sister too..

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