Defining me is

not easy, your presence does so

and gives me meaning.

This is to celebrate the upcoming 2nd birthday of Haiku Heights, where the theme this time was ‘Meaning’.

While the above one was well thought out, here is the one that I made instantly (except for having to adjust the last line once) when I heard the word.

The meaning of ‘us’

is to be, Soul-mates we are

for people to see.

20 thoughts on “Haiku

    1. It is a wonderful belief you carry. Nevertheless, it is not possible that people who surround us closely have no part in the way we are defined. I strongly believe our definition is through others.
      Thank you for sharing what you think!

  1. Does another’s presence define who we are, really? 🙂 Or does it perhaps guide our own definitions and prevent from straying past it..

    1. Trust me I thought likewise for a better part of the two years I have blogged, but if I can write a Haiku, you most definitely can!

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