Perfect Life

Many a times, each one of us have cribbed on how our life is unfair. How life per say should be different. Why do our loved ones die? Why are there heartbreaks? Can’t life be more kind on us and not give us such horrors? Why diseases like Cancer or AIDS or Brain Hemmorhage? Why can only life be made of small things like just getting hurt? LIFE IS SO IMPERFECT FOR EVERYONE.


Here’s a glimpse into a perfect life. The ideal human life, as we all want it to be :

  1. There is no death. So I get to live with all my forever. And the future generations just keep living with us. Everyone is happy. We have all loved ones around us. And guess what, no history lessons needed. The participants would be with us only.
  2. No one gets a deadly disease. The maximum anyone has is cough or cold or maybe a bruise. No need for tears or slow deaths. Or even any medicines and expensive treatments. Some bandages and Savlon is enough. And because no trouble of diseases, no crying out over fancy facilities to ‘stay safe’.
  3. There are no social or religious evils, as we call them. Thus the need for social institutions, NGOs etc is lost. So much money is saved here. Also no fighting for positions. No power games. Nothing.
  4. Everyone has a perfect supply of food and other things. No killing over for that. How nice!
  5. No black markets, no robberies. The world is peaceful.

These are just some of the aspects of the perfect world. The combinations could be many many more.

NOW, is the other side of the coin visible or should I show it?

I guess I should.

  1. Let’s get the population issue first. Fit all these people on this Earth, can we? Also the resources, as if are not dying fast, that we need more burden on them. Or maybe the perfect world can have an ever expanding land and other resources too… this is imagination, right? And who needs any education system. Everyone is right there to teach us everything.
  2. No diseases, no hospitals, medicines etc. Half the economy and education system down? Who needs doctors, nurses, chemists etc.
  3. No evils means no propaganda for their cure needed. The ‘good’ books, the lectures, the stress management market. All gone. No power games, but then who does come to power and how is the economy run at all?
  4. With everyone having equal resources, who needs anything more in distribution and management. No management issues means no MBAs needed. Out of the half economic sector left, here’s three-fourth more gone.
  5. Last but not the least. No problems means no solutions required. No more Armed forces, or Police need to be there. No need of a judicial system. No need of any system at all.

What we have left is no economy, no systems, no education, no government of any sort (what’s the need). Absolutely nothing but content human beings. Or are they? How do they interact? How to goods get exchanged? What do we teach our children, what runs as education?

And her’s the last straw to this pile of ‘Happiness’ (sarcasm intended).

When there is no death, no cancer, no hurt, no power play, no miserable lives, would we stop calling life unfair? Would not your family member catching a cold become the end of the world.

” I am so unlucky, my sister caught a cold today. Poor her. That is the worst thing in the world. How unfair life is” (because then, catching a cold would be the worst thing in the world).


I won’t moralize you with the lesson needed to be learnt here. You all are smart enough. 🙂

Take care.

12 thoughts on “Perfect Life

  1. Nice thought and the way put it in a contrasting style is nice to read and conveys the deep meaning of it..
    Life gets more meaningful with Age and Problems.

  2. Well, I’d still consider a cold unfair.. esp. during an interview.. I once had to sniff through one completely. No prizes for guessing the result 😛

    Jokes aside, you’re right. What happens, happens for the good. And if not immediately, perhaps the good is a long term result? I agree with Jas.. showing both the sides of the coin was accomplished seamlessly. Kudos.

    1. Now don’t you always have a diff way to look at things! 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment. Am glad to know this post worked out.
      But the selfish part of me wants to ask, what long term good in a death? though i know am being anti my own post, but just had to ask!

  3. Isn’t this what the Pied Piper conveyed? If there’s no sorrow, there’s no value for joy. If you never go without, you will never value anything you have. Thought provoking. Exams kahatam huye? Results aa gaye kya?

    1. Wow, honestly speaking, that is one way in which at least I never perceived Pied Piper, until now. Thanks.
      Yes the exams are finally over. And the results in our university are not out for at least 3 to 4 months, so that is long away, (thankfully) :).

  4. Loved your attitude and they way you have presented both the pros and cons of the same thing.

    Ending it with one of my fav song – Yeh jeevan hai….iss jeevan ka yehi hai yehi hai yehi hai rang roop. Thode gam hai…thodi khushiyaan..yehi hai yehi hai yehi hai chaw dhoop…

  5. Well done in putting together both the sides of coin. Actually I am concerned about the last straw because it the ultimate feeling everyone strives for.

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