The special interview

This is a special interivew from the ones I conducted, because the host blogger is a kiddo. And have I ever mentioned how much I love adults who are kiddos. 🙂 (coz am 1 myself).

@Kismitofeebar – Yes, this is my trying to save myself from being killed by you. :p Am so sorry I missed your’s.

Here it is people, a special interview of a blogger new even to me, but a wonderful blogger nevertheless… no two ways in that. I give you all Kismitoffebar.

1. Full Name : kismitoffeebar (seriously, that blood flows in me given the fact that I emptied kismibars instead of milk)

2. Blog Name : kismitoffeebar (no prizes for guessing why).

3. Your one post that is your best till date (as per you) : They are all my babies and oh yes, did I mention that I am new here?

4. What motivates you most in life – life and everyone and everything that comes along with it.Call me cheesy but I live for simple moments. And my ambition is to have as many simple happy moments as possible. And be cause for for as many as I can.

5. What is that that pulls you down – Gravity. I promise. Like, pinky swear. Else, who’d miss the opportunity to fly?

6. What is your one most precious dream – To always always love and live life. To keep people around me happy.Yes, they both are one and the same.

7. Who is the one most important person to you – I love my people way too much to rank them. So, ptbhtbhththbth 🙂

8. Is your life today how you had imagined it just 5 years ago – No. It wouldn’t be called life if you could plan everything.

9. Are you the same as the you 10 years ago – My better half says that I grow more and more kiddo-er with every passing day. and I am NOT complaining 🙂

10.What is your present profession – I am a medical professional specialied in disabilities. So, I work for health and communication of persons with special needs. Oh, I can write zillion posts on this 🙂

11. Which other profession would you liked to be in – I’d like to be the President. Or Ruskin Bond. Ruskin Bond is an altogether new profession. I can’t tell you how much I love the man. — ooooo–

12. What part of nature fascinates you the most -It is and has to be one entity. I don’t believe in parts.The aspect that fascinates me is how it rejuvenates itself and reinvents itself endlessly, as though it were trying to teach us something.

13. Do you believe in fate – Yes. I do. We do our best, God does the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. If you had to change one thing about your past, what would it be – The duration of my childhood.I spoke your thoughts no? I knew it man !

15. If you could see into the future, what would you like to get to know – Nothing. I like it one day at a time, each one a surprise. I don’t have the courage or willingness to see into the future.

16. Is there anyone who you believe deserves more or less attention than you are giving him/her – I wish I could could give everyone around me more attention. It bothers me to be not able to do that to my heart’s content. But, well.

17. Which is that one moment in life that can never be outdone in terms of how happy it made you – Everytime I am happy, I do some stupid giggly wiggly childish things. They are all equally happiness inducing. But I particularly treasure those where I have laughed with loved ones or seen the greenery around me that overwhelmed me. And some amazing writing and music. See? I knew I was not heading anywhere.

18. The most precious gift you ever received -Is this a trick question or what?

19. The cutest sight you have seen (first hand, not on the internet) – Please please can I name 4? My li’l bro used to have this small li’l school bag and he used to wear it and look so so cute that I used to feel like putting him in my pencil box and carry him everywhere, my better half looks at me with those wide eyed puppy dog eyes and I wish to put him inside my handbag and carry him around, my ma looks so amazingly cute when she tries to sms that I feel like crying and my pa trying to create many accounts including facebook and sending me invites at wee hours with his lovey expression.

20. The one place you would like to settle at, in life – At home. I want to be home in India. I pray that I get to do it by God’s Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as part of this special program, am putting here the post I think is her best till date – The bun man

12 thoughts on “The special interview

  1. Came here through kismitoffeebar’s blog. One hell of an interview this was! And so sweet of you to conduct such interviews 🙂
    In love with your blog 🙂

  2. Superb – had me smiling all the way till the end. Maybe its got to do with the kismitoffee bars – I too simply loveeee them!!!

  3. Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!11
    Janhvi ! :))))))))))) Special and all? really, you didn’t have to do that.
    But then, I am so soooper happy – see I wish to be forgotten and then given candy bars like these ! 🙂
    Thankee dearie. Love this gesture. 🙂
    Thanks a lot lot!

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