Round 14

This time it is going to be a little different, there is going to be only one interview in this round as I broke a promise I made to this particular blogger friend and this is my compensation. I am really sorry to the other bloggers waiting for their interview here, I promise it will be up soon.

So here it is, the interesting interview (his words :p) of Hemant.

I get a call daily from some or the other newspaper, magazine and ‘local television’ for interviews but actually I don’t believe in such publicity stunt. One day Arnab (Timesnow Chief Editor) too contacted me to participate in a debate which was to feature at primetime but I refused. Since Janhvi insisted me and she’s a good friend, I thought to reveal some part of my life in front of readers. It will also boost up traffic on Janhvi’s Blog and helping people is the part of my nature.

(Hope readers enjoyed what I said..none of the above lines stand truth


1. Full Name :- Hemant Arora

2. Blog Name : – From the heart…..for the hearts…

3. Your one post that is your best till date (as per you) :- All those days when we laughed and giggled

4.What motivates you most in life – Life itself is the biggest source of Motivation πŸ™‚

5. What is that that pulls you down – Height (Due to gravity)

6. What is your one most precious dream – To have Johnnie Walker on the top of Kilimanjaro

7. Who is the one most important person to you – The person who processes my payroll every month…
(Actually My brother)

8. Is your life today how you had imagined it just 5 years ago – Not what I imagined before 5 years…but what I forecasted before 5 years

9. Are you the same as the you 10 years ago – As a person..YES, As a professional…NO

10. What is your present profession – ITSM Consultant/Corporate Trainer

11. Which other profession would you liked to be in – Music, Film Making, Writing books

12. What part of nature fascinates you the most – Everything, I can keep seeing the water in ocean for hours and wonder how ocean can hold so much…I can keep seeing the snow around the mountains and wonder why doesn’t it melt (Don’t want to logic scientifically),

13. Do you believe in fate – Not really..but I also accept that there’s some sort of such thing exists.

14. If you had to change one thing about your past, what would it be – I used to steal Rs.1/2 from my mom when I was 5 years old. I want to go back and make it Rs.100/ can I steal only for Rs.1 or 2/-
(I actually want to go back and remove those black spot from my life)

15. If you could see into the future, what would you like to get to know – When will my girlfriend dump me πŸ˜‰ I don’t want to get the blame of dumping her πŸ˜€
And so that I can start finding another before one month from the date she’s going to dump me πŸ™‚

16. Is there anyone who you believe deserves more or less attention than you are giving him/her – I guess YES

17. Which is that one moment in life that can never be outdone in terms of how happy it made you – I am not able to think of any such moment..I guess it is yet to come.

18. The most previous gift you ever received – A bouquet of red roses on the valentine day when I came back from work delighted me to the heights.

19. The cutest sight you have seen (first hand, not on the internet) – The small slum girl feeding her younger brother with whatever she had got (Mumbai)

20. The one place you would like to settle at, in life – A place with a view of mountains, fronting sea, with all the types of birds, Liquor available at affordable price, girls only wear bikini, and with Female-Male ration of 1000-100..Can you find such place!!!

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