Grown up?

Yesterday I had a thought. It came very suddenly out of nowhere in particular and decided to stay. And as thoughts that stay and make me think, is what this blog is all about, I decided to share it with you all.

It was about growing up, or have we grown up. What is it that tells us we are no longer teenagers or kids. What is it that distinguishes our minds.

Some others, though, can treat this post as a test to see if they have actually grown up (no offence to anyone in particular – just that a person in my vicinity is older than me, but more  idiotic than a baby)[again, not saying babies are idiotic, but a grown up thinking like one is].

Anyways, going on, to this short post….

You know you have grown up if:

  1. Not every meeting with a person of the other gender is a date.
  2. It is not necessary that either you like that person form the other gender or (s)he likes you, a guy and a girl can be just friends, really.
  3.  You don’t think being ‘innocent’ and unknowing of wordly things is cute or shows your simplicity. Be real, this is a world where you need to know things.
  4. You don’t blush like an idiot when you see someone you like. So, yes, you like him/her, no reason to go bonkers.
  5. It is perfectly normal to talk to strangers without thinking of it as “oh my god! how will I?”
  6. Not everything new that you hear or learn has to be shouted out and told to everyone instantly.
  7. It is normal to sometimes not be the best.
  8. Hurt is an essential and omnipresent part of life.
  9. No relationship or person is perfect, live with it.


10. LIfe/ people is/are NOT fair, no point cribbing about it.

This is my list of factors. Your’s could be different or contradictory to mine. Share if you want to, I would appreciate that.

P.S. A poem you should not miss – ख्वाब… My Dream!!

13 thoughts on “Grown up?

  1. True 🙂 You must have really thought about this to be able to write this 🙂

    And well my version for now:

    You are grown up if:

    You truly understand the spirit in which Janhvi says the above 🙂

    Enjoyed this one dear 🙂 Keep mulling and writing !

  2. you’re perfectly right about it Janhvi…I agree with all your points…Kudos to you for the 10th point…
    I guess for my points to share…I’ll have come up with a new post…a long list has already popped up my mind… 🙂

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