Special seven

Once upon a time there was a number. A number loved by many but mostly by a little girl. She loved it because to her it seemed beautiful, a beauty only she attributed to it, and to it only. She always tried to own things that much in number. Like make sure she had that many shoes, for example. It was kiddish and silly, but she was a kid and she was silly. She loved loving the number.

Then she grew up. Growing up bought with it a lot of complex ideas, like rationality, maturity, to name a few. Suddenly others around her started questioning why she liked that number. What was in it that she liked? She tried sticking to her old argument (and also the truth) of finding beauty in it, but none believed her. She herself started believing her thought was wrong and so she changed her thinking. She turned the tables and now said, ” I had most things this many in number, when I was a kid, so I love the number.”

This new argument was at least accepted by most. And thus she continued liking this very like-able number. She still always wished to own things that many in number, and loved when anyone mentioned the number. But with age came the sense of it being childish. She soon forgot the number for the most part. Whenever the number did come up somewhere, it reminded her of ‘something’. She just stopped clearly remembering what that something was.

The number in itself was nothing unique. It wasn’t as if it was the largest number or a number with any unique quality. It wasn’t even like the number ‘0’, with a lot of mathematical importance per say.  It was a number with many angels (literally) in it. However, this number is no less important. Musically, and mythological-ly it is a number of great attributes. Here are it’s qualities.

This number, that was so close to the girl’s heart, is the number of basic musical notes there are. It is the number that plays the most prominent role in Indian marriages. It is the number of believed holy cities in India. It is the number of sacred rivers in India. It is the number of flames of Agni (fire) in Indian mythology. It is the number of existent directions. Finally, it is the number of colours white light splits into.

Getting back to the girl, she was by now a lady, or so she proudly thought. Things were in equilibrium now. She did not scream and shout about her love. But in her heart, she knew just how much that number appealed to her. She still tried using it the most she could. Though unlike childhood, she didn’t get upset if it didn’t happen. All was well with the world.

Then came a time when she interviewed some of her online friends through her blog. Oh yes, she was a blogging addict. When she was posting a round of such interviews, a friend read about her love for the number. The friend, Vinay(Leo) then went on to challenge her at her “Challenge Accepted” page. So here is the story as reply to his challenge. And this made me write even more on my favourite number 7. And that is why I love the number.

16 thoughts on “Special seven

  1. For me it was the number 20. To date, if I climb 20 steps or read something with 20 verses, it makes me incredibly happy. Funny, how love needs to be justified when you grow older. Love just is and shouldn’t have to b explained, nahi? I liked this post, brought back a lot of memories.

  2. i kind of don’t like number 7 for one reason. on the day of marriage, the pandit never let me complete 7 rounds of phere and called my marriage complete 😛

    my fav is 4

    have a great weekend


  3. That was a lovely read 🙂 My first time here !

    We all have our favourite numbers don’t we? And the things we do and the extent to which we go to to satisfy our number needs….. so nostalgic !

    Enjoyed reading this 🙂

  4. That’s a good one….and so true..we start hiding what we like after knowing that its not rational or logical….U love it because u love it…that’s it…
    I agree…..its a beautiful number 🙂

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