Naked walk

The naked walk – That’s my latest challenge (13th in total) from Leo. This challenge asks me to write down my experience if being on a crowded street, I were to realize that I was buck naked, and if my destination was far off.

Before I move on to the answer, let me tell you the ways in which I thought I could bypass the real issue:

  • “crowded” – not necessarily awake people or even crowded by people at all
  • it could end as a nightmare
  • get a lift from someone (that would be damn easy)


But after some time I decided to take the challenge head on… i don’t give him very conventional challenges, so why should I run away from an unconventional topic. One last thing.. from the next paragraph the post will be my thoughts as the realization dawns and till the time I reach my destination.



“Chalo college over, heading back home now, the swimming lesson in the last period was fun.

This is the last auto stand on my way and it is empty, should I wait or walk…. I’ll walk.

Oh god, so much homework for tomorrow, will have to start as soon as I reach home.. Have to ask mom about the reservation for next month also… Aarakshan was a nice movie, they should make more such ones…. Big B…….” (Chain Thoughts).

The market is here, means I am 1/4th of the way through. Why are all these people staring? Is it because my hair is still wet from the pool? But why is that such a big issue? Let me see, is there something on my shirt? HOLY S**T… where are my clothes? Bloody hell, what is going on?…. Wait, after the swimming class, while I was in the shower, I hurried up as I heard the bell meaning that the gates were closing. I had been the last to start showering… and then I had run out……. Oh Crap… I forgot my clothes in the changing room.

I should go back and get them… this is damn awkward… or I can enter a shop and buy some clothes… but my wallet was in my jeans pocket… they will give poor me some clothes… but they must be thinking I am some mad women or else a pervert.. What the hell should I do?

The best thing is to proceed home, as the college would be locked by now… s**t, I only hope no-one recognizes me… should I run home? Oh no no… running in this state is a BAD decision. I’ll better walk briskly, while covering as much as possible with my hands. Everyone is staring. I so wish this is a real seeming nightmare.

Should I ask someone for lift? But the men will misunderstand me.. I’ll ask a woman driver. There is one, let me ask her. Oh she sped away seeing me. I can’t blame her, I do look abnormal.. what to do?

I should focus less on thinking and more on reaching home as soon as possible.

Once this market ends, I’ll take the side route through the woody area… it’s scary but not scarier than this.

Finally the market is over, now to turn right and escape to home… oh crap! it’s getting dark… this area is very scary… not a single soul here…. except if snakes have souls (:p) .

Now that there are no humans around, I should definitely run….. nearly there… but how do i enter my society like this… I will never be able to face any of my neighbours ever again. I’ll wait till it’s night and everyone is in their homes… oh come on! did I have to get so thirsty right now… I guess I will just hide my face and run through the gates… no-one recognizes me by my body anyway…. s**t, the keys… I will have to go to the landlords…. i just hope the lady opens the door….. fingers crossed….. oh thank God you opened the door Mrs V…. don’t please ask what all this is, just get me anything to put on and the spare keys…. i’ll return both tomorrow morning….. it’s a long story, please some other time… i know it is embarrassing…. thank you so much.


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16 thoughts on “Naked walk

  1. This is great, I seriously doubt I would think so rationally in the same situation. But all’s well that ends well. Poor Mrs. V will never be the same again, though 😛

  2. That was clever.. it left a lot to the imagination, Jahnvi. 🙂
    Andnnnnnndddddddddd a million thanks for the mention!! I hope your readers visit me… 🙂

  3. positives.. u took it properly, and dint avoid the directness of the challenge. u wrote it well, and the emotions came through 😀 loved it overall.

    negatives.. well, thoda rushed tha maybe. thats all 😉

  4. Hmm that is good Amazed at how you can write a story on a topic so easily , I would have struggled a lot to get this written ..

    Good one …

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