Bow wow – This is me

Hello everyone. I am bow wow. I’ll come to, in a little while, how I got this particular name.. or to be more exact why I chose to be identified by this one of the many that I am called by. Before that, here is how you all see me. (This picture is only for general identification purposes and it is not me)

This post was a challenge from Leo, on my page, ‘Challenge Accepted‘. It’s his 5th challenge and I know the next is en-route… thanks Leo

So, I had to tell you about my name, right? All of you call me by different names. Each of these names you give me out of love or hate shows how you feel towards me. I remember once a lady who called me ‘baby’ because she found me innocent and cute, and then there was this guy who referred to me as “ch**iya” as he definitely seemed to dislike my presence. Bow wow is what babies call me when they cross me by. It has to do with my barking I suppose, as children start by recognition of voices they recognize me as bow wow. Why I choose this name is because it is these babies and young children who love me the most. They are innocent and unafraid. The elders around me assume I will bite them and the kids. These babies on the other hand have faith that I will inflict no harm on them. It is this faith of their’s that makes me love them so much.

Talking of babies, did you know that when I was born, I was no different than those puppies you keep at home and feed bones and pedigree to. Just like you humans are all born equal and are then differentiated on the basis of where and to whom you were born, so you do the same to us. I can’t complain though, if you are so biased in your own breed, how can you be unbiased towards us.

I have often seen in parks that you try to teach your pets tricks of how to live, but if you ask me, you should learn how to live from them and me. Have you noticed how we never discriminate among each other on the basis of where we were born or bred, it is you who tell them to stay away from us, just like you tell your kids to stay away from certain kids.

Anyway, I seemed to have lost track of what I wanted to tell you, that is my story. Let me tell you about my day.. I get up anytime that my sleep ends. Oh and about sleeping, I sleep anywhere and everywhere. I do not have a comfortable bed or sweaters like your pets. I survive the heat, cold and the rain, and that’s what makes me look so ‘scary’ to you. My healing process is natural when I get hurt and… oh sorry, I digressed again. Moving on, I spend my whole day looking for some food and drink for myself and my family. Sometimes a kind person gives me some bread or chappati… and at other times I eat whatever has been thrown by you all on the roads. The time that I am not looking for food is spent socializing with other dogs. I may not have a blog or facebook to socialize but I know my fellow beings in flesh and blood. Unlike you humans who seem to know everyone around you via these sites but in actuality know none, as the face they have on these sites is just a mask. Also this….. I should stop drifting constantly, sorry for that.Talking of my friends, all the street dogs and even some of your pets are my friends. We discuss everything from the new dogs in the area, to the most beautiful bitch around, to the food issues and mostly about which humans are nice to us and which are not. I am much more free headed than you are, though I have more problems. Trust me, try handling flees, dog catchers, dog fights, swift cats etc, and you’ll know what I mean.

As a street dog, I have a great life. Again not the kinds your pets get; so this is definitely not me :

My life is good because I am not in a chain. I can do what I wish, and however I wish. I can be what I am, no masks. And I am definitely not bossed around as to where to pee and what to eat. You humans find me different from the norm, because you find humans like me (maybe except the peeing part) as also abnormal. They are free from ‘norms’ like I am. They are not like you pets, chained.

My life is good, but I have just one dream, and as much as I dislike this, this dream needs your help to come true… and that is… the next time you cross me on the street, even if for some reason you are afraid of me, do just make me go away by words or gestures, stones and kicks hurt, as I am sure they would hurt you too.

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10 thoughts on “Bow wow – This is me

  1. “” My life is good because I am not in a chain “” adore this line !
    filled with a message covered with a humor 🙂
    good work ..

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