I got this challenge from Leo at the beginning of this month. (You too can challenge me at my page – ‘Challenge Accepted‘).

In our lives, many a times, it happens that we  are grieved by something. In such a scenario, most of us make a brave face and stop our tears, or save them for later, when we are alone. The few who are real and unashamed of accepting the grief, do cry, and I think these are the ones that have actually come to terms with the event.

That should answer your question in a line Leo.

Challenge Ten: Is being emotional weak?

Being emotional and showing it is a sign of being real and not hiding your true feelings from others who matter and care. I do not mean that crying or showing your true feelings can be an emotion we can indulge in where-ever we want, but for those who think, that crying in front of other’s is cowardly, think again.

I remember the times when each of my grandmother passed away. On one occasion I was with both my younger sisters and I had to make sure I did not cry so as not to upset them even more, and in the other I had a class to attend 5 minutes after I got the news. So, in both cases, I initially held my tears back. I regret that decision. I feel if I had just allowed myself the luxury of crying for a few minutes then and there, I would have taken both the deaths more strongly. That is the way I see it, I could be wrong.

Being emotional relates not with weakness but with the fact that we are not ready enough for certain situations. The two are often confused. I would go to the extent of saying that a person who is weak is the one who hides his tears and tries to put up a brave face. If something has occurred, which has the potential of making you cry, why lie to others around you. Why try and seem too strong. It is a psychological fact that what we “try” to be is the exact opposite of what we are. Are we that weak that we need to hide our true selves?

Finally, to your question as to why you could not cry Leo, or do you need to change? One, if you have grown up being conditioned to not crying, tears will be hard to come. But I personally believe it’s better to cry and let it out than keep it in. “Ban jaayenge zeher peete peete, ye ashq jo peeye ja rahe ho”

And don’t change yourself because I or someone else says so. Don’t even expect us to judge it for you, be your own judge, because when your mind truly honestly thinks that you need to change something about you, you will change. It will be subconscious and you will not need to think or act on it.

Take care everyone. And take care Leo.

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P.P.S. My interpretation of the story I tried to convey through the pictures in my last post here – A baby girl is born. She is blond (as is conveyed by the see dog she has with her). She meets and marries a blind man and they have a daughter too. The couple grow old together and die together. The story continues in the same fashion for the left behind daughter, who is also blind (as is conveyed by the last picture).

6 thoughts on “Weakness?

  1. Great article. Being emotional is definitely not weak, and evidence suggests that those of us who communicate our emotions effectively are better at coping with difficult situations than those who hide emotions or make no attempt to communicate them.

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