Picture Story

Today, am going to express a story through pictures. It is a pretty simple story, no guesswork there. Just came up with this thought so tried it. Hope you like the reading viewing. Do share what you think.


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25 thoughts on “Picture Story

  1. A beautiful baby girl is born.
    She is blind by birth and grows up to be a beautiful young lady, always charming.
    She finds her life partner and he too becomes blind to feel her feelings.
    Both love each other and enjoy their life.
    They are blessed with a beautiful baby girl.
    As time passes they become old and the baby girl becomes young.
    As their love is eternal they leave this world together.
    The young girl feels lonely without them and is looking for somebody who can fill their gap.

  2. 1.A new born girl
    2.She’s grows into a beautiful lady
    3.She becomes blind and falls in love with a blind man
    4.They get married and have a baby
    5.They grow old together
    6.They die together.WOW
    7.Maybe their girl baby too is blind searching for that true love her parents always shared!?? 🙂

    I always wanted to post one of this exact same type. But it never came to fruition! You ‘ve inspired me to try this out! :)Thanks 🙂

  3. Love is blind!

    A child is born who is blind to what the world has in store
    She grows up
    Goes on a blind date and falls blindly in love with her man.
    She gives birth to her baby daughter.
    She and her husband grow old.
    She leaves the world.
    Her daughter searches for her blind love after her demise.

    That is all I could make of from the pics Janhvi.Now please throw some light 🙂

    1. What a great story you have formed of it! Love it….
      you gave it such a beautiful new dimension… wow!

      I’ll tell my interpretation later, after my next post (a way to make sure you return :p)

  4. a cute little girl was born, and she grew up to be a beautiful young woman. she fell in love with a guy who she met as a blind date, and then got married to him. they had a wonderful little daughter too, and they lived a long life before passing away… and now, their daughter is feeling sad and lost without their presence..?

    1. Beautiful interpretation Leo… thank you!!
      Though I can safely say, I had something a little different in mind while putting this up… but your interpretation is very very close! 🙂

        1. i think what the above people have said shows how the story has evolved from blind love… to blind dates to feeling blind and lost again without your parents… thats my take on it…

          See i gave it a shot lol

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