Chain Thoughts

Classes – Blackboard  – Night – Stars – Zodiac – Luck – Bollywood – Aamir Khan – Revenge – War – Kings – Power – Corruption – Masses – Rand De Basanti – Jessica Lal – Vidya Balan – Kolkata – Ship – Delicate – Lady – Beauty – Pure – Milk – Golden Temple – God – Debate – Winning – Race – Tortoise – Shell – Protection – Sex – Love – Heart Break – Tears – Jagjit Singh – Music – Ray Charles – Hope – Life – Birth – Pain – Support – Care – Weak – Television – Sab TV – Laugh – Happy – Baby – Cute –   Puppies – Pet – Hostage – Terrorism – Death – Heaven – Angels – Fancy Dress – School – Class………….


What I have done here is pretty planned and very meticulous. Our thoughts generally are not so. For one, they do not necessarily return to the starting point. For two, they are much much faster than this. And most importantly, the links between two of such thoughts are never so obvious. It might just happen that two or three of the links can happen simultaneously and we jump directly to the fourth.

Read the following conversation and see if you can relate to it, as the speaker or the other person.

Person 1 : Hey, so did you see the match on yesterday?

Person 2 : Yes, I did indeed. (Though process: Match, football, school, classmate) By the way, do you know where our old classmate John is these days?

Person 1: How come you suddenly remembered John? (confused as to the link)

This is a very very simple example. It can be, and mostly is, much more complicated. The way to answer the above question is to say that your mind worked at lighting speed and somehow linked the match to John. It might be very hard still for the other person to understand but he will not be as confused as before.

So, how does this happen? Our mind, is not a static unit, and also it is not as organised as our external lives (sarcasm intended). Our subconscious mind works in many directions at the same time, and because one word is related to many things in our minds, it randomly keeps linking one word to another till the chain forms. In retrospect it is sometimes hard, even for the thinker to point out exactly how he/she reached that point of thought.

I, personally have been in this situation a million times, on both ends. Have you? If yes, share when and how?

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    2. @Meera Di – One, thank you for the compliment of reducing my age by 2 years ( I turn 21 next month). Two, the mind is something whose working we can’t control. 🙂

      1. See, it’s nice to have such old people visiting your blog… the worst we can do is treat like you are younger than you actually are. I wanted to know – did you finally decide which baby was the cuter of the 2?

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