Me and my friend are always fighting who has a cuter cousin. We both have cousins who are very young… so here’s what I am going to do. Settle this once and for all. I present both babies to you – you decide who is cuter.




You have to vote for any one of these two. Be honest, whom do you find cuter. And remember, you are always more than welcome to drop by a comment on this. 🙂

Happy voting. (Plz vote by the babies and not the colour of their dress… thank you 🙂 )

P.S. The good post you must read : Too much expectations

9 thoughts on “Competition

  1. Oooohhhh how can u ask us to pick between two such cute kids. They are both gorgeous. But I love pink so so much.

    There should be a 3rd button there saying “both are cute” 😉

    1. Yes they are both adorable. And so the competition.
      And a tie is exactly what I wanted to avoid, and so not the third option. 🙂
      The colour helps choose – didn’t see that coming. 🙂

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