I recently saw this on a site/blog and decided to do the same about me. So here are 26 facts about me:

Atish is the name of my oldest crush (which I remember as a crush).

Bored is what I am for most hours in a day.

Cold-drinks are my biggest temptation.

Dare me to something and watch me defeat you.

Eternal love is my sweetest dream.

Falling in love with my boyfriend is my best memory till date.

Growing old is one of my fears.

Helping others is my biggest weakness.

I love to spend time with babies.

Jokes need to be really new or really good to make me laugh.

Kite flying is something I wish to learn.

Love is my priority #1.

Music soothes me best.

Nothing is more irritating than someone whining for no valid reason.

Old is gold is my motto for song selections.

Paris is my dream honeymoon.

Quite a lot of times, I become emotional too suddenly and without a reason.

Rhyming is not my cup of tea.

Sometimes I just want to be with “him” and nothing else matters.

Thursdays are my favourite days of the week.

Uno is one of my favourite games.

Very rarely do I cry in front of strangers.

Whenever in doubt, I like to call my brother or bff.

X-mas now means being Santa for my younger sis and cousins.

Yelling is something I excel at.

Zebras have always fascinated me.


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