House arrest

Legally, it is a punishment in which a person is not allowed to leave his house, or something similar.

Well, today I am going to talk of a different kind of house arrest. It is when we house arrest ourselves or our family for what we claim to be their “benefit”. Can house arrest ever be beneficial?

Recently, I came across such a case. It had been present for many years now but the results were evidently visible only now.

So answer a question for me before I move on, if you were put inside a house on a very high floor in an apartment, and you were not allowed to go outside even downstairs for some air or to meet anyone, or also not allowed to open the windows of the house for “fear” of dust coming in and someone getting sick, and the only time you left the house was in a closed car and exiting the car you entered another closed building; what would happen to you over a long run?

Let me tell you what happened to the person I knew facing this, she’s dead. Yup, I put it that bluntly. A person who was not let to even breathe fresh air except for those few moments between her house, the car and the other house/ any other building. A person who met for most days no one except the members inside the house because it is not everyday that people come to your house to meet you, and she wasn’t working (which would have meant meeting at least someone). And someone who lives so far into a concrete jungle that no-one even loves  to visit it often. She was shifted from a ground floor house in an open colony in a great part of a nice city to a high floor house in an apartment in a city where no-one even knows who their neighbour is. They were moved from a place where they went out everyday in the fresh air and met people to, a place where, as I said, the windows are not even opened once in a day. I’m not surprised the results were what they were.


So why am I writing this… this is my heartfelt plea to all people already earning a lot of money, or aiming to…i pray all the monetary success for you, and i know you can give your parents all the technological best if they come stay with you and that making them stay with you is your nice intention, but please do not move them from their peaceful organized life somewhere to the “big city’ you may be working in. They may miss you where they presently are, and you may miss them too, but more than big houses and lcds they need an environment which is friendly for them…. so if you really truly love them enough, as long as they are comfortable, don’t judge them by your yardstick of comfort and move them… it might be the deciding factor between life and death (literally too).

11 thoughts on “House arrest

  1. Any kind of restriction isn’t good for the mind I feel. One of my good friends also feels the restriction when she comes over here, to the city where I stay. No place to move around, no people familiar with to talk etc.. but when she is in Kerala, she’s the most active, talkative and fun person. She comes here once a way, but mostly, we go there, so that she feels comfortable…

    If the lesson hasn’t been learnt, then yes, it is a shame and very sad to see. You put ur heart into this, and I could see it, JJ.

  2. Nicely said, although I feel bad for whoever this happened to. I am sure the family that’s left behind didn’t mean for this to happen, they just thought they were doing their best by providing material comforts. What a horrible way to learn a lesson 😦

    1. I agree with you that they did not mean it so. But it boils down to the fact that they did not indeed learn the lesson. They think and actually say, even if in self defense, that it is the few times the windows were indeed opened that took off the life of the person. No lesson learnt for them, and so my frustration.

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