Dancing – the art of expressing our emotions through motion, is i believe, one of the most expressive arts.  In a dance, you can see the emotions come to life. The dancer, dances as to his/her own tune which is naturally in sync with the external tune meant for the viewers (if any). The dancer himself dances as if there is no viewer, it is just his/her way of expressing what lies in the deepest roots of it’s heart. Though of course, my assumption here is that the person is truly dancing and not just having a dance in the sense that is so casually understood these days.

A dancer, specially a female ( I could be wrong in making it gender biased), is most vulnerable when she has just finished truly dancing. Just after a dance, she is still in the expressing stage. At this moment she is most prone to anything said to her or anything she sees or even thinks. Her life, at this moment, is an open book. And this is clearly expressed by her emotions overflowing on her face. See this video to understand  what i mean:

There are a plethora of videos which may express the true emotions of a dancer but I chose this video because this is the video that made me truly start dancing like no one’s watching.  One more beautiful thing about this video is that in it the expressions on the face of all three girls, it is visible that they are indeed not acting but they are truly in that emotion.


I believer it is only an honest dancer who can portray what he/she feels. A person who is merely dancing for fun will never be able to feel and express the emotions I talked off. So, if you are a true dancer, dance to your heart and let no one tell you anything about it, because as the cliche’ goes : “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


Take care all. 🙂

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