Until I return

Looking back

Until I formally return to blogging (23rd Jan), here are some of my old forgotten posts that did not get the recognition I believe they deserved….. Hope some of you can find something or the other for yourself to read here:

A letter – My mom’s letter to me on my 19th birthday

A student’s letter – The worth inspiring letter one of mom’s student wrote to her

Is it love lost or newly found – a poem written when I first fell in love with the man I am with today

Telepathy – My take on this strange but true phenomena

Split personality – How we all are party to it these days

Why not appreciate – Why is it so hard to appreciate someone truly

Passion turns Obsessive – When our passion takes a wrong turn

Stereotypes – What they are and why they are not too great

A little standpoint on God – My views on ‘God’ and how many animosities we have in our concept

Generalize – Something we all do a lot

Simplicity, who is it – My take on ‘simplicity’

Romantic Dates  – My idea of a romantic date(s)

The darker us – We all have a negative side

What comes when the worst is over – The afterlife of a rape survivor (victim is the more commonly used word)

Changed – When someone changes

My story – from the eyes of an abandoned child

Green eye – The ‘sin’ of jealousy

Bachpan – My childhood stories

Two experiments together – Two new things tried at once

FULKA 2011 – A funny court case

Some of these have gone unnoticed while some others have been ‘famous’ but yet I’d love to discuss them more (I am so greedy :p).

11 thoughts on “Until I return

  1. Thank you for calling into my Space today,
    you know, the reasons why these postings
    have been poorly commented upon is more
    than likely because as you post they simply
    get swamped, hidden and most users of WP
    do not back-track through anyone’s Space,
    resulting in some very good postings being
    forgotten about or not even seen…

    My advice to you is to re-post
    these and see how they fair 🙂

    I will call back again soon to back-track on
    these posts but do consider offering them
    again so that newer peeps that visit you can
    view them, in the meantime enjoy your day 🙂


  2. I loved your mom’s letter to you. It was bittersweet like much of motherhood is. Your mom has raised a wonderful daughter. Kudos to both her and you

    1. I can’t express in words how wide a smile I have on my face reading your comment. Thank you for the most beautiful comment ever… and all credits to her. She is the reason I am what I am today.

  3. where do you get such ideas ?
    you think a lot different than rest 🙂
    cool !
    a typical litigator huh 😛 😛 i can see you appearing for RAJA in 2g 😛

    1. I really have no idea where they come from. They just do. Thanks for the great compliment that I think differently.
      You called me different in one line and typical in the next….??? :p
      as for appearing for Raja.. thanks but no thanks… am happier taking smaller yet cleaner cases to start with.

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