Long Distance Does Work

I am pretty sick of hearing EVERYWHERE that long distance relationships do not work. THIS IS UNTRUE. Long Distance Relationships work just great, and at times better than the forever next to each other one’s. This could be for a plethora of reasons, but I can only state the ones I have experienced. Also, not all long distance relations are the same no two relations are the same, and a relation is very different from what is projected on television, in movies, and in romantic stories, and this can easily be verified by any one in a relation.

Today, I am not the practical thinker, nor the humourist, nor the philosophical… am plainly and simply a girl in love and who is proud of her relationship.

We may not be the couple who wish each other good morning and good night everyday, but we have spent sleepless nights for concern of each other.

We may not be the couple that talk everyday, but the 10 minutes whenever we talk  are enough for us to know and believe that we love each other.

We may not say the three words to each other for weeks altogether, but we don’t need to, because words will never be able to express what our hearts feel.

We may not dedicate songs to each other and link ourselves with romantic movies, but we know our being together is better than any romantic movie and more heartfelt than any song can ever convey.

We may not meet for months at end, but when we meet it is magical.

We may not roam hand in hand in public and proclaim our love to the world, but our hands are inseparable in our hearts.

We may not be talk for hours at end, but our conversations are thus not 90% of “So, what else”?

We may not be “cutely possessive” about each other, but we trust each other blindly.

We may not be a rich couple, but we treat each other royally.

We may not be the couple that are forever praising the other, but we are honest enough to tell the other person exactly what we cannot stand in them.

We may not have a short distance relationship, but our long distance relationship is the best that can ever be in the world.

This is to say THANK YOU for being a part of my life. You break the stereotypes when you tell me to my face that I am Obese… you break the stereotype when you don’t necessarily say “I Love You” but it shows in each of your actions…. you break the stereotype when even when you need to save money for something else, you make sure you take me out on a date to the best possible place and treat me royally…. for all this and so much more and also for no definite reason or rhyme, I LOVE YOU.

P.S. This is my last post for this year, as from tomorrow I would be studying for my exams. My next post would most probably not come until after the 20th of January, so loads of wishes on Christmas, New Year and Lohri to everyone. Have a great time people. Enjoy the festivals. Take care all.

45 thoughts on “Long Distance Does Work

  1. this really made my day…just conveyed what I feel for the one i love…its hard road getting there but i always believe that despite it being slow,delayed,snowed under and all… we’ll still both get there

  2. this post really HITS me a lot.. me and my better half is having a LONG DISTANCE RELATIOSHIP right now.. its very difficult for the both of us especially to me coz im the girl who was left her in the philippines and his at the states right now.. but because of this POST it made me stronger.. and fight for our relationship

    thank you so much

    1. Wow! Though I had in some distance imagined my writings making an impact, I had never thought of it to become so real. No thanks needed. I know how hard it is to be a long distance relationship, and so if my post helped anyone at all, I am the one thankful that it happened. Do take care and be strong. Remember it’s worth the fight and the loneliness (at times)….

  3. There are no barriers to the strength of a love, there is no
    distance that can break the true and loving bond that lives
    within the hearts of soul mates, for that love is infinite…

    Have a very nice weekend and I hope that your exams were
    a complete success my friend… Have a wonderful day today 🙂


  4. Hi,

    It was very well written, quiet a moving post. It did strum many a strings of thoughts… Keep writing… Cheers…

  5. hey

    very well written and i could relate my past with it…

    all the best for your exams….

    wish u a very happy new year and hope to see you soon in january..

    till then keep well

  6. So true, I really agree not all relationships are the same. Actually, I feel it works out better than the imagined close all the time belief. There is some freshness to it than the every day way of life

  7. I feel it varies from person to person. For people like me, who are a tad too impatient, they simply dont work, you’ve to exercise extreme Trust and faith, and not let small things bug you. And if you’re that kind of a person, then long distance doest work for you.
    And youre really lucky to have found out one person that makes it work for you :), so congrats. and all the best for the future.

    PS- Really liked the “We may not be a rich couple but we treat each other royally” Part!!

    1. Yes, it does vary. But I believe, when it’s true love, patience and trust are born by themselves even if the two are far away.
      But yes, I am very lucky.

      Glad you liked that part coz I simply love it about us. 🙂

  8. All the best with it , But I somehow dont agree with my experience that I have had, But yeah it shud work a you say and I am really pleased that you think that way.

    All it needs is some trust and yes offcourse bit of love.. in my case it did not work for whatever reasons..
    But I am totally with you and Thin you just may be right 🙂

    all the best

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