Thing to do before I die

Seeing a post regarding the same on another blog – here, I decided to make my own list. As this may become extremely boring for those of you who can’t figure out why they should read someone’s wish list (though I love doing it – it tells me a lot about that person), here’s something to motivate you, and this can be done by the others too: Read the list and see how many of these do you share with me. Then let me know how many and which ones as a comment. 🙂

1. Visit my birthplace

2. Visit my ancestral hometown

3. Live apart from my family

4. Learn how to swim

5. Scuba diving

6. Get out of an awkwards situation with “his” family/friends without making a fool of myself.

7. Win a recognized blog award

8. Marry in pomp

9. Get pregnant

10. Have a baby girl

11. Be able to gift my brother his dream bike

12. Build a house for my parents

13. Live in a hill station

14. Learn Salsa and Ball dance

15. Play the keyboard for a large audience

16. Learn one foreign language well

17. Visit Venice, Paris

18. Be with “him” alone on a beach

19. Win tambola (housie) once

20. Sky diving

21. Raise atleast 3 different pets at the same time

22. Ride in a personal limo

23. Ride in a personal helicopter

24. Take surprise gifts home for everyone

25. Fall head over heals in love

26. Have a bff who knows me better than me myself

27. Get 3 ‘Ace’ while playing ‘teen patti’

28. Cook a whole meal for a huge gathering

29. Forgive all my ‘enemies’

30. Have my name mentioned in a magazine

31. Become very slim

32. Publish my novel

33. Get him to get my name tatooed

34. Tatoo his name

35. Get 1crore viewers here

36.Have a barbeque verandah at home

37. Slap someone hard across the face

38. Get very close to death and come back safe

39. Scream at the people unnecessarily talking in a movie hall

40. Participate in a game show

41. Win a game show

42. Meet Amitabh Bachchan

43. Watch a movie with “him” (my boyfriend and not Big B) in the PVR Gold Class

44. Watch a movie shooting

45. Work in the same town as my bff

46. Be able to buy myself anything my younger sister or younger cousins put a hand on

47. Organize a wedding

48. Cry at my wedding

49. Get pampered without any limits for a week

50. Learn to speak up if I dislike something

51. Be a part of a movie

52. Be able to remove all saas bahu serials from television

53. Watch the old cartoon network again

54.  Write my autobiography

55. Write another person’s biography

56.Name a star after him

57. Sponsor a child’s education

58. Spend a whole day with a very small baby, doing nothing else

59. Receive a surprise party

60. Write a time capsule

61. Meet a great author in person

62. See the shooting of a reality show

63. Meet Neil Pattrick Harris

64. Play at a casino in Las Vegas

65. Romantically dance with him in the rain

66. Spend a week with him with no worry of any work or anything else

67. Finish a KFC chickenbucket by myself

68. Eat a red chilli without water

69. Visit Disney Land

70. Laugh so hard I start crying

This list is by no means exhaustive and I will keep adding to it as and when I remember…. but this is my list uptill now. Now that you’ve come this far, do drop by a comment on your own wishlist. 🙂

29 thoughts on “Thing to do before I die

  1. We have a small life and so many thing to do……I always pray to god that give a long day to complete all the task I decided or give me a more courage and reduce obstacles in my life so i can do it better way…….After all the life is given us to live…….

    Harshal Patel

    1. Truly said. But instead of praying to god for more time and less obstacles i pray for more efficiency in handling time and obstacles.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Wow..that was amazing.. I spotted quite a few that i would love to have on my wish list .. esp the one on having three different pets at the same time.. 🙂

    And a lot more.. (Paris.. )

    Maybe this calls for a post of my own.. It was interesting to read your wishlist.

  3. Hmm , two words “Loved It”. Thanks for putting a link to my blog in the first line, honestly, you could have skipped that!
    But Janhvi, I have some serious concerns about a few of them up in the list :

    27. Get 3 ‘Ace’ while playing ‘teen patti’
    10.Have a baby girl
    ~ I wish you all the luck you need to fulfill the above two

    52. Be able to remove all saas bahu serials from television
    ~I am sure this you wont be able to strike off, trust me, I’m serious! Unless someone shoots Ekta point blank 🙂

    43. Watch a movie with him in the PVR Gold Class
    ~With Amitabh? If yes, you gotta do this sooner than later, he is getting old you see 🙂

    Overall loved your list and I am really to know that I inspired at least one person on earth to make her own list. I wish you inspire many with yours!

    Wish you loads of love and luck …


    1. A small typo:

      Overall loved your list and I am really happy to know that I inspired at least one person on earth to make her own list. I wish you inspire many with yours!

    2. Of course it was necessary. You inspired this post…your link absolutely had to be here.
      I never said all had to be achieved.. i want them to be.. luck obviously plays a huge role.
      As for saas bahu, i’ll happily be the person to pull the trigger, given the option.
      And ya, i forgot to put ‘him’ in double qoutes… i meant my boyfriend.
      The inspiration chain has already moved… thanks so much for it. 🙂

  4. Wow!
    Here’s a big list and have so many things to be done!
    It’s nice to make resolution …to accomplish desires..

    Enjoyed it! 🙂

    May all your desire get fulfill ..:)

    Stay smiling!

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